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Aug 14, 2007 02:38 PM

Indian Mangoes???

I'm hooked. All the hoopla about the embargo being lifted peaked my curiosity about Indian mangoes. Central Market carried them for awhile and they became a weekly indulgent (Yes, they really are that much better then the more common and cheaper Mexican mangoes). I haven't been able to find them for the last few weeks. Does anyone know what's going on or where else I should look?

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  1. I saw some at Whole Foods downtown not too long ago; I assume you're talking about Alphonso mangoes?

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      Unfortunately the Indian mango season ends as soon as the monsoon rains hit the ground, and the best ones won't be out again until next year (I think season starts May-ish) and any available from India out of season will be inferior quality.

      That's so awesome that Indian mangoes are available now in the US, they really are so delicious!

    2. These threads from other boards on contain good information about “Indian mangoes.”

      Many of the posters on the Manhattan thread [the first link, above] give potential substitutes that may be available after the Alphonso season is over. Though it may still be too late to find any of these varieties here in Austin, perhaps other chowhounds who are actually based locally will be able to weigh in on what’s currently available here.

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        One breed of mango which I do not see any info on here, or really anywhere, is what I only know as "Anwar Atol". Not sure if the spelling is right, or if they go by a different name, and my 2 mins spent on Google didn't help me on that yet. In any case, these are probably my favourites. You can smell them a mile away, and they are very rich, and very tasty.

        I haven't scouted any out here in Austin, but I haven't tried either. I'll probably call one of the Indo-Pak grocers to inquire.

        Another kind, which may also go by another name, is what I only know as "Chonsa" -- again, this is the Indo-Pak name. These are good, not my very fav, but they are of the type that you suck right out of the mango. Roll it in your hands until the pulp separates from the skin, bite a hole at the top, and sqeeze all that sweet nectar out into your mouth.

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          Which Indo-Pak grocer did you try? I am looking for a good one for making some of the dishes my mother used to make when I was a child.

      2. Mangoes are seasonal--they ripen during the hot dry season (April-May) right before the monsoon. My favorite is a variety in Thailand called Buddha's Ears, because of the elegant, elongated shape. I have never seen them anywhere except country of origin.

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          1. you can get them at mgm indian food store on burnet. but yes the season is ending. i'm lucky , my mom brings 'em forme from htown! of course i forget the variety name