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Aug 14, 2007 02:15 PM


Any suggestions for Christmas in Italy? Willing to go anywhere Rome and south. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Are you asking for Xmas dinner or travel suggestions for Xmas time?

    If it's the later, I would suggest you post your query on's forum instead.

    1. To be honest, Christmas isn't a very celebrated time in Italy--Easter is *the* big holiday with processions all through Holy Week in some places. Some particular spots might have special goings-on for Christmas, but I don't know of any around me (Calabria); it's mostly just a time when families get together. I've heard there are some fabulous looking trees and decorations in Sicily, but around here, villages put up some lights, but that's about it.

      If you're wondering about food, this will differ by region; down here many still do a traditional fish dinner (several courses) for Christmas Eve and then something like a stuffed lasagne for Christmas Day.

      My blog on life in southern Italy: http://www.bleedingespresso-sognatric...
      All about tomatoes: