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Aug 14, 2007 02:09 PM

Need 5 lbs of Parmesan

I'll be leaving Sunnyside tomorrow morning heading west on the BQE. I want to stop somewhere before the Verrazano Narrows bridge for 5 lbs of Parmesan. Suggestions?

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  1. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
    Piazza Mercato, 3rd Ave between 92nd and 93rd St

    I'd call first, just to make sure they aren't on summer holiday or something

    1. How about Sapori d'Ischia in Woodside, I'd call ahead and see if they can cut you a hunk of that size, or you can buy it in smaller pieces, Their prices are good. 718-446-1500
      (I know it's before you leave Queens, but it might be worth it}

      1. Here's the place you're looking for: Colluchio's Main: 436-6700

        Work Address:
        1214 60th St.
        Brooklyn, NY 11219

        If you have it ground, you can ask for the rinds also (which I throw into sauces). Great store.

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          Ditto on Colluchio's . They also have the best prices