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Aug 14, 2007 02:07 PM

Garden City Farmer's Market

Anyone go today?

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  1. No, I keep forgetting!

    I went about three weeks ago. I thought they were open til 1. It was about 12:45 and there was not a soul in sight. I was on County Seat Dr., between 11th Street and OC Road. I think that is where it is...

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    1. re: JGS

      good crowd at 10am, my lunch today was pepperoni bread from the fresh pasta stand and a sliced softball size heirloom tomato from terry's farm drizzled with a liberal dose of extra virgin olive oil hero, salt and pepper. best sandwich i've had all summer.

      1. re: byrd

        How many vendors, selling what? What is a good crowd (just curious)? I hope it does well and expands. It's one fo the best places for it...mid-Nassau.

        1. re: GCGuy

          there were easily fifty people shopping.
          vegetable stand
          fruit and pie stand
          fresh pasta stand
          olive oil stand
          pickle stand
          carribean baked goods stand
          honey stand
          greek pastry stand
          it seems that every week there's a new vendor. the other locations basically have the same vendors.

          1. re: byrd

            Thanks very much for the detail. Sounds good.

    2. Could you tell us the location - days and times of operation - what products they offer and what you have tried.

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