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Aug 14, 2007 01:42 PM

Norweigan Fish Market

I have been to Norway and their quality and style of fish preparation is always my favorite. Is there anywhere in the Los Angeles area that has a Norweigan market that is good and sells top quality fish or ingrediates for Norweigan dishes?

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  1. What types of ingredients are you looking for?

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    1. re: WildSwede

      There was one dish in particular which really stood out for me. It was either salmon or herring that was raw and covered in some light salt, pepper, and dill and was pressed between cedar planks for what they said were a couple days. They cut it raw for me and it was delicious.

      I was also thinking along the lines of the various soups and stews I had there which were generally thick and creamy and very good. Reindeer was a great meat too which I am sure is very difficult to find here.

      Just looking for anything authentic in LA which for Norweigan food is a tall order im sure.

      1. re: splittle

        Yes, the Salmon which you refer to is called Gravlaks and is very easy to make (search online for recipes).
        Unfortunately, Kristiansen's in San Pedro is no more. However, you can try Olsen's Deli on Pico (?) (even though it is a Swedish deli) in LA or the Norwegian Seamen's Church in San Pedro (they have several mixes for various soups and other Norwegian items). Ikea sometimes has some items (like various herrings and cheeses (and kaviar) that is eaten in both Norway & Sweden.
        Go to the Ingebritsen's website (they are in Minneapolis). They will ship all kinds of items. They also have recipes here. You could probably do another search for Norwegian items and come up with others.
        Sons of Norway (at least my lodge - in Van Nuys, Norrona) sells a cook book in which people have offered up their family recipes. Also, in November, they host an all-you-can-eat Lutefisk (and meatballs, lefse, etc.) dinner (if you want something REALLY Norwegian). I will be posting on it once it gets nearer in case you are interested in joining us.

        1. re: splittle

          Gravlax -- you can make it yourself quite easily with ingredients you can find in Albertsons, though I'd buy the fish from a more reputable place. Cedar planks can be bought at Santa Monica Seafood and Fish King, though I just buy a long untreated cedar plank from Home Depot and cut it down to size for a tenth of the price.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            I have never used a cedar plank when I made mine. Just make sure you get a good piece of Salmon and try to get one with good thickness. I also put some cognac in mine!

            1. re: WildSwede

              Thanks so much, it has been really helpful. Also, please keep me posted on your Sons of Norway meeting, although I am not Norweigan I love the country and the people and hope to spend more time there or live there sometime in the future.
              Lutefisk has been on my list for a bit so let me know when it comes around, I want to try a good home done version. Thanks.

              1. re: splittle

                Sons of Norway does it best - they have a long track record. Exactly 6 minutes of boiling - no more, no less... any more and it just disintegrates. It is in November - you would be more than welcome to join us if you want (you will be surrounded by Norskies - my mom is born and raised there). They also have an area where people sell various items. It is a nice time - and all you can eat!!

                1. re: WildSwede

                  Sounds great! Please keep me posted as to the exact when and where when the times comes.