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Aug 14, 2007 01:35 PM

Itinerary help...

First, this board has been a lifesaver! I did a board search and learned so much!
1.) My husband and I are going to be in the Bay Area (from MT) for last minute business this week. We have to stay at the Embassy Suites in South San Francisco the first couple nights and we are looking for some nice places to eat that we could reach by a shorter taxi ride. Chez Papa was suggested in another thread...would that be doable? Anything else near the hotel?
2.) We are staying at the Campton Hotel (340 Stockton St.) for our last night (Sat.). We will have lunch at the Farmer's Market but as it is our anniversary and we want to go somewhere wonderful for dinner. I would love it if the restaurant was in walking distance but we will take a taxi for something really special. FYI: We had the tasting menu at Gary Danko's a year ago (Anniversary Dinner) and it was PERFECT...we love California Cuisine, Seafood, Italian, really anything! I can get into the following places:
Campton Place
Any suggestions?
3.) Any Sunday lunch ideas near our hotel? We have brunch reservations at Zuni Cafe or Foreign Cinema but I am not a huge brunch fan...
edited to change hotel info...

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  1. Incanto, Delfina, and Aqua are all great, but none are a short taxi ride from the airport (which is pretty far from downtown). Expect a $20+ taxi ride to most restaurants.

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      Thanks...Sat. night we are staying I don't think the taxi ride would be too bad...would it?

    2. See if the concierge at your hotel can get you into Myth.

      Cafe Myth
      490 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

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        I would not consider Myth to offer a comparible experience to Gary Danko or the others listed. Aqua is great, as is Boulevard.

        1. re: Chris Rising

          Boulevard was very disappointing the last time we were there. The servers were excellent, as always, but service was slow and uneven. Our waiter apologized at least twice during the meal for delays. Apparently there was a problem in the kitchen, as some of the entrees were delivered lukewarm and we had to send them back. Then two of our party (of four) discovered that the meat was undercooked (not to diner specifications) and those had to be returned. It will be awhile before we give Boulevard another chance (and this was one of our favorite restaurants!). We did not see Nancy Oakes around, as we had on previous visits, so perhaps this was the problem...nevertheless, it was an expensive and very disappointing experience.

      2. Note that there are two Embassy Suites by the airport, one in Burlingame and the other in South San Francisco. You've done such a good job with searching so far, you might want to look for places in those communities or in nearby Millbrae for starters. Millbrae is the epicenter of Hong Kong-style cooking if that interests you as a lunch or dinner option. Or Sakae in Burlingame for some of the best sushi in the region.

        P.S. Taxi ride from downtown SF to SFO usually runs me $40 one-way.

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          THANKS! We are actually staying at the one in South San Francisco...this changes things a bit...anything great in that area?

        2. I'd suggest taking BART into the city (your hotel has a free shuttle to BART), and maybe taking a cab back. Delfina, Campton Place and Aqua are all walking distance from a BART station, as is Zuni.

          If you're into tasting menus, you might want to check out The Dining Room at the Ritz Carleton for your anniversary. It's walking distance from your hotel (although it's uphill).

          How do you feel about dim sum for lunch? Some of the best dim sum in the Bay Area is near the airport in Millbrae (Hong Kong Flower Lounge, Zen Peninsula, The Kitchen, etc.).

          Finally, if you decide to take a taxi into the city, you might want to check out La Ciccia, which isn't as far as downtown, and features fabulous Sardinian food.

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          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            If you liked the tasting menu at Gary Danko, Ruth's suggestion of doing the tasting menu at the Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton is perfect. It will provide exceptional food and service for your special celebration.

          2. For Saturday night I'd probably go with either Acquerello or Incanto -- do a board search on each place, and also check their websites for menus to see what works better for the two of you. I like Delfina a lot, but it's a little more casual -- you should look at their menu too, though, because the food might be right to your taste.