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Aug 14, 2007 01:26 PM

West village - inexpensive & interesting w/atmosphere

Hi! I want to discover a new place in the west village for an inexpensive meal before movie at Angelika. Nice atmosphere is a bonus... Ethnic foods are always on the top of the list.. Something like Moustache...


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    1. Indian Bread Co on Bleecker would be fun. It's pretty cheap... not a fancy place, although there are seats and the atmosphere is cute and lunchy. The food is great... very interesting Indian favorites in sandwich form. Their mango lassis area great... my favorites are the paneer tikka kathi roll, aloo chickpea chat and the paratha bread stuffed with paneer.

      1. Extra Virgin, Chow Bar, and I heard Leela Lounge is supposed to be fabulous (Indian food, nice atmosphere, and inexpensive) but I've never been. If you do go, let me know how it is!

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            Where/what is Leela Lounge? Been living in the WV for a while now and never heard of it...

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              If anyone's been, I'd love to hear about it. I've only heard about it and it its Zagat reviews are fabulous (which is never a sure-fire way to tell)

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                I went to leela lounge for lunch last month and found it very disappointing. Perhaps it's better for dinner.

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            Leela lounge is good, but pricey, not inexpensive.

          3. Flor's Kitchen in its cute new location.
            Galanga for great Thai

            1. Cafe Condessa on 10th St. at 7th Ave.