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Aug 14, 2007 01:25 PM

any good food to be found at green dragon market in lancaster?

I am going to lancaster with my four kids and want to go to the green dragon market. Is it a hellish nightmare for kids? Should I leave them at the hotel or take them with and what food options are there? Can we expect to eat there?


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  1. Oh boy. Green Dragon is one long snack fest. There are lots of stands that sell everything from giant soft pretzels, deep fried veggies, and baked goods to foot long hot dogs, hoagies and fresh fruits and veggies. When i go there with my friends and family we like to snack, stroll to the next stand, eat some more and people watch. There is a small sit down restaurant called Jake and Leona's that does counter and table service. THis is downhome diner type food. None of this is what most people would call gourmet. However, I think that there is a certain serendipity in eating perfectly ripe vegetables fresh off the vine that you purchased from the farmer. My top picks: soft pretzels, fried sausage sandwich, birch beer, caramel corn and maybe ice cream if there's room. Bring small bills so the stand holders can make change easily. I would avoid the homemade rootbeer. I got really sick of it once and it turns my stomach everytime I see it. You may want to bring a cooler if you want to bring things home. in between the food stands are sellers with all kinds of knock off purses, vaccum cleaners, crafts, books and typical farmer market stuff. I think that the bathrooms are kind of gross, so plan your liquid intake accordingly.

    Is it hellish with kids?? I don't know. I don't have kids, and don't really enjoy doing kid stuff. Maybe other parents can guide you in that direction.

    If you are looking for something really out of the ordinary near Green Dragon, go to the Nav Jiwan tea room at Ten Thousand Villages. They prepare and serve food from around the world. Plus all the merchandise in the store is from artisans in poor countries who are trying to support themselves. Pretty cool.

    The most important piece of advice for Green Dragon?? Don't forget where you parked.

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      I love the Green Dragon!!! It has always been super crowded when we go so that might present a problem if you are brining young children. Hope you enjoy it!

    2. Kids will love the Green Dragon. By all means take them.