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Aug 14, 2007 01:23 PM

Sodas made with pure cane those still exist?

I have been told that sodas with cane sugar taste soooo much better than the common ones that have corn syrup? I have never been able to find a soda that didn't have corn syurp. Are there any brands I should try? Do I need to go to the health food store? Do those Mexican Jarrito sodas have corn syrup or are they made with cane sugar?

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  1. Jarritos are made with sugar.

    During the spring, Coca Cola products with yellow caps on the bottles is made with sugar instead of HFCS.

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    1. re: dude

      Sort of Spring...Everything Kosher (for Passover) is without grains-HFC(orn)S-isn't in any Kosher products. The Coke is sold at Passover, so look for those ads.

      You still have to read the labels. Some, but not all, Mexican sodas are made with cane sugar.

      Costco is selling Mexican Coca Cola in the small glass bottles.

      Yes, it does taste different. Better.

      1. re: Cathy

        This year Pepsi also had a cane sugar sweetened version at Passover. Cathy is right--still best to check the label.

    2. Blenheim (South Carolina) ginger ale uses cane sugar. Their 'regular' is very spicy. Their 'hot' is extremely spicy. I use it in Dark 'n Stormys rather than using Barrett's (from Bermuda) which, sadly, is now sweetened with corn syrup.

      1. If you go to your local Whole Foods, you will find that their house brand sodas are all made with Pure Cane Sugar, rather than with the cheap, ubiquitous HFCS that has been implicated in all manner of health-related issues.

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        1. re: Ted in Central NJ

          I second the Whole Foods Soda. Yum! These sodas are crisp, refreshing, and leave no residual feelings of guilt.

          1. jones soda (might be in your supermarket)