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Brooklyn restaurant with tranquil garden, good drinks ...

good food, reasonable prices ($30-$40 pp). Any cuisine is ok including good burgers. TIA

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  1. Diner in williamsburg is pretty good. VERY good burger.

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      Robin du Bois on Smith St. in Cobble Hill has a nice garden and good food and drinks.

    2. Check out Mai at 3rd and Atlantic. Really nice garden, outstanding Southeast Asian food.

      1. Paninoteca on Smith and DeGraw. Excellent drinks, beautiful garden, very good food (panini, cured meats, cheese and some excellent entrees).

        1. Though I've never been, Jolie on Atlantic apparently has a very nice garden and some interesting specials on different nights. !/2 price wine bottles on Tuesday and $1 oysters on Wednesday.

          1. Not sure if your range includes drink, tax or tip but I'll throw out Chestnut (Smith St) on Tues or Weds for their $25 prix fixe. 3 courses and you can order anything off the menu.

            I'll second the rec for Panino'teca. And add Frankies 457 (I'm pretty sure they have a garden but it's been awhile since I've been) and Cafe LuluC on Smith.

            For Thai - Joya on Court St or Song on 5th Ave in Park Slope. Same owners - the food is great, fun drinks and the prices are excellent. Both have nice gardens. They get packed on weekend nights. I don't think they have an entree more than $12 and most are in the $7-10 range.

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              Chestnut has a garden in the back? Never knew as I've only been there in cold weather.

            2. Frankies 457 on Court (check to make sure they're not using the garden for a private party).
              I'm also a fan of Franny's (though a lot of folks who post here are not).
              I really love the garden (& most food) at Fez on PPW, but they only serve beer & limited wine selection.

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                Checked it out a few weeks ago - loved it. Just make sure you sit in the garden, the inside room is incredibly loud.

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                  Thanks for the tip, nokitsch, but which restaurant do you mean? The post above your reply mentions three different places : )

              2. Pit Top, maybe. Kid friendly, but the kids seem well behaved. Section of wine and beer, no mixed drinks as far as I know. Very large garden area. French.


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                  It's Pit Stop and they allow dogs as well in case that is an issue or plus in our case.

                2. Acqua Santa on Driggs and North 7th. Good wine list.

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                    I second the motion for Frankie's, and I'll add Convivium Osteria to the list. Great yard in back, great wine, although the food is a little pricey.

                  2. Not sure if the garden at Dumont in Williamsburg qualifies as "tranquil", but the food is good-excellent ($10-20 entrees, GREAT burger), the drinks satisfy, and the garden setup feels like the shaded, secluded reward at the end of a maze, if that makes any sense.

                    Also, check out Bacci & Abbracci (on Grand in W-burg) for pitch-perfect light italian with a surprisingly spacious garden patio in back.

                    I love the garden at The Farm on Adderley waayyy out in Ditmas Park, and the rotating seasonal menu is even better (the chilled cucumber-avacodo soup, heirloom tomato salad, and juicy, thick, rosemary-crusted pork filet from my last visit still have my mouth watering). It takes a bit of moxie to brave the ride down there, but my experiences have all been remarkable.

                    1. I'd second CalJack's recommendation for the Farm on Adderley; in addition to his remarks about the food, their bar is top notch. I'd also suggest that the remark about needing 'moxie" to "brave the ride out there" may be misleading since a place that's in Brooklyn can't possibly be far from EVERYWHERE--maybe CalJack is in Williamsburg? The Farm's a short Q ride (Cortelyou Rd stop--go left out of the station and walk 4-5 blocks) or drive from The Slope or Cobble Hill or Fort Green.

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                        Thanks, hounds, for a GREAT list of suggestions. I am mortified to admit that I live 3 blocks away from the Farm on Adderley, have even enjoyed eating there a few times, but didn't know that they had a nice garden and top notch bar! Looking forward to going back there and sitting outside with a cocktail, and also looking forward to trying some of the less familiar places on the list. Thanks, all.

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                          Sorry, I assumed the OP was coming from Manhattan for some reason. I still find The Farm to be less than convenient by car from anywhere North of 9th St. in the Slope, but I'll concede that the Q is a fine option for those who can take advantage of it.

                          Convenience is of course entirely subjective.

                        2. Flatbush Farm--they've got a really nice and tranquil back garden. I like the food, many are so-so on it. Price point seems slightly lower than other neighborhood rest. like it (i.e., Franny's or Stone Park). Heard the burger is good (it's only on the bar menu, but maybe they'd served it in the garden?).

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                            Diner doesn't even have a garden does it?.... just some seats outside on Broadway (hhmmm so tranquil). Jolie has a great garden and the food is excellent. You will have to wait a long time at Joya unless you get there early. Frankies seldom has seating outside in my experience. Fragole on Court St (Carrole Gardens) is also a decent bet.

                          2. Good Fork in Red Hook has a lovely garden, great drinks and great food. The food is American with some Korean influences. Two good appetizers are the dumplings and the crab cakes. For entrees, the skate is delicious, steak & eggs (korean style), roast chicken, and others are also very good. I haven't had a bad meal there.