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Aug 14, 2007 12:34 PM

Best tarte tatin?


I need some help to figure out which bakery in Montreal makes the best tarte tatin. I have to make sure it's the best (or close) because it's a present for someone really important to me and I don't have the financial means right now to try them all for testing.


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  1. Haven't encountered a good one since Lenôtre closed and Anjou-Québec's pastry counter started sliding. Pâtisserie de Gascogne's is gawdawful.

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    1. re: carswell

      Gascogne's tt is lousy. Quite agree.

    2. Back to the original question. Since no one has provided a lead, you might try contacting some of the city's better pastry shops and asking: Les saveurs du Plateau (514 523-1501), Fous desserts (514 273-9335), Le Paltoquet (514 271-4229), Lescurier Tradition Gourmande (514 273-8281), Claude Postel (514 844-8750), Duc de Lorraine (514 731-4128), etc.

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        Thanks Carswell! That's what I originally intended to do but my number one problem isn't knowing who makes it but more which one makes it the best. But seeing that there isn't a lot of responses, tarte tatin might not be a very popular item in Montreal as it probably is in France.

        I guess I'll have to taste some of them myself then... Hopefully, they'll sell them by individual portions so I won't have to ruin my budget. I'm not even a sweet tooth person but I've heard this is an orgasmic dessert of the evil kind when it's perfectly done. I just can't bear the idea of giving a crappy one as a present. It would be such a waste.

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          A few years ago I got a tarte tartin from Premiere Moisson on Sherbrooke West (near the Museum). While not as good as the Paris best, it was not bad. As I recall they do not regularly stock them, but make them periodically, and will produce one on special order so they should be added to Carswell's list, if it is not too late to give them a call. They may even be willing to make a small tarte to try.

          BTW the much maligned Patisserie de Gascogne tarte is little better than a tart's bottom with slightly browned chunky apple sauce piled on top.