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Aug 14, 2007 12:34 PM

Best Drinks for a Taco Party?

I'm having a bunch of people over for a taco party this weekend, and want an alternative to the regular lime margaritas we're having (we've got beer and wine covered). I don't like frozen or blended drinks and I'd like to make something that's not too incredibly labor intensive. I'm thinking tequila, but am not stuck on that. I also love herbal/fruit syrups mixed with soda and alcohol. in fact I was thinking of doing a lime-jalepeno syrup, but wasn't sure that would work.

I've found a few recipes online for Palomas which sound good, but is there anything else that might be a crowd-pleaser?

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  1. White and/or Red Sangria may be an option. Or you could try the various variations on mojitos that are out there. I have made mojiotos for a crowd by infusing the simple syrup with mint and then straining it; it is easier to add the rum , lime and club soda, when you have lots to make. Or I guess it could be made inot a pitcher and just add the club and rum.

      1. Here's a link to two cocktails that I created:

        Instead of wine you can easily kick up both with vodka or gin. I frequented a bar that made a drink that came with Jose Tradicional Tequlia, Agavero Tequila liqueur (delicious stuff!!), fresh lime juice, fresh grapefruit juice, a little simple syrup for sweetness, and jalapenos (just lightly pinched in the drink to get the spiciness out, too much can be way spicier than most people can handle). I loved this drink and recreate it often at home. Good luck!!