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Aug 14, 2007 11:49 AM

Looking for a Pasadena-area bakery for a kid's b-day cake

I've seen the raves for Hansens and other westside places, but would prefer not to trek that far. I know there are great cupcake places around here, but hoped someone could make a more specific recommendation for a bakery to do a specialty/theme birthday cake. Thanks!

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  1. Patticakes is on the border of Pasadena/Altadena, and I've heard their stuff is very good.

    Also, there is a bakery next to Bulgarini gelatto but the name escapes me at the moment.

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      The bakery by Bulgarini:

      Pastries by Nancy
      761 E Altadena Dr
      Altadena, CA 91001
      (626) 794-9839

      1. re: adevejian

        i've ordered cakes from NANCY'S for years and i must say that after nancy sold, it's just not the same.

        ordered a FINDING NEMO cake with an upcharge of $20 for the FINDING NEMO theme for my nephew's b-day party. friend was kind enough to pick it up for me. arrived at 3pm to find the doors locked and another customer already waiting 45 min outside for a wedding cake. called the phone # which went to the new owner's cell. he had to deliver a cake and would be there in 10 min. he said. my friend said it was more like an hour. opened the fridge to look at the cake and no FINDING NEMO, no fish, no anything. just a cake with the background of the ocean. called early the next morning (party was 50 min. away at 11am) and he said to bring the cake in at 8am. waited for his head baker who did not arrive until 9:30am. she took the cake back and returned with a plastic bag of non-Nemo fish and told me although he took the order for the cake he never ordered the Nemo kit and all she had were these other fish. arrghhh! she also whispered to me never to order the cake through him to ask for her first. he refused to refund me the $20 and the baker tried to sneak me a $5 from her purse!

        went to RALPHS and explained my situation. they were happy to give me a NEMO kit for $3. but there was no screen on the cake as promised, etc.

        i cannot recommend NANCY'S. it was a total disaster. i'm sorry she sold the business. PATTICAKES is really hit or miss.

    2. I love Ruby Bakery's (in Eagle Rock) whipped cream & strawberry cake (they are known for this). They also have several theme cakes on their walls and I think they also have a book of items they can do. They are pretty inexpensive compared to other bakeries - cash only. 1/2 sheet (whipped cream & strawberry - feeds 40-50) is $40; whole $78.
      Ruby Bakery
      5042 Eagle Rock Blvd. (just south of Colorado Blvd. on East side of street)
      LA, CA 90041
      (323) 259-9052
      Open 7 days a week

      1. I like the Bee's Knees in Pasadena for their cakes:

        1. you could try the Cakery Bakery in La Canada friend used them for her 7 year old daughter's birthday cake. Quality of the cake and icing was adequate - it was more about the decorating.

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            We got our wedding cake from cakery bakery, and it was absolutely fantastic, so good in fact that we got our daughter's b-day cake from there as well. I'd recommend this place in a heartbeat.

            I've also been pleased with cakes from Federico's bakery in Pasadena (Colorado & Allen), but Cakery Bakery was substantially better.

          2. I have had the cupcakes from Violets on Holly street and they're are great. One of my son's friends had a birthday cake from there (I did not try it) and it was made to look like a roller coaster ride. It was incredible to look at!