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Aug 14, 2007 11:33 AM

Take Away Salad Near Copley?

Summer is salad-at-my-desk season. I often bring my own but I also frequently buy them and bring them back to the office.

I am getting very tired of Souper Salad and Au Bon Pain.

Any rec's for take away salad? Can be salad bar or prepared as long as it's fresh and interesting.


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  1. My favorite salad is from Caffe Jaffa on Gloucester. I get the chicken shawarma salad which is a basic Greek salad with their homemade pickles topped with shawarma. b.good also has some salads that look good though I tend to order their sandwiches.

    1. I'm a fan of Sebastian's salads- some are ready-made, and you can make-your-own. I'm also a fan of being able to order it online- i.e- no waiting. I've heard there is one right in the Boston Public Library?

      1. Tossed is the new place in the Pru, select your own ingredients type place. I like being able to customize what I want. The salads are good, but a bit overpriced. It is best to order online or call ahead and then pick up at a designated time to avoid the lines.

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          Yes, Tossed is really about as good as fast-food salads get. The choice of ingredients is enormous, though they also have a number of signature specialties.

        2. Healthworks Spa in the Fairmont hotel makes wonderful salads, with a few interesting daily special salads and a large selection dressings, many low fat.