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Aug 14, 2007 11:26 AM

Mt. Washington or thereabouts (again)

Going out for a work-sponsored lunch tomorrow, and we need somewhere to go.

Have read terrible things here about most restaurants in the immediate vicinity, which is dissapointing.

We'd like to have food that isn't... terrible, and not too expensive as work is lousy and they're making us pay for our own.

Up to 10 minutes by car is fine (we are at the Conference Center).

Any ideas?

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  1. Try Libby's in Gorham (16 north to 2, take left, it's on left in next coule of blocks), or their shop/ cafe SALT. Chef/ owner trained with Julia Child. Very good.

    1. Petit Louis is about 5 minutes away on Roland Ave.

      1. Are you talking about Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh? If so, you may want to post in the PA forum...

        1. Sorry for all the confusion, but I'm talking about Mt. Washington in Baltimore. (That's why I posted it on this board.)

          I'm afraid that Petit Louis is a little on the expensive side for this event -- something that offers options at or below the $10 mark might be more appropriate. But thank you for the suggestion!

          Even a burger would be fine, but I'm a little horrified by past reviews of Mt. Washington Tavern. Has anyone been to Pepe's Pizza?

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            Perhaps one of the restaurants on Cold Spring Lane (just east of Roland Avenue)? Loco Hombre, Alonso's, S'ghetti Eddie's. Another great find is Mari Luna (Mexican food) on Reisterstown Road, just over the county line.

            1. re: sobo16

              Oooh... I think Mari Luna or S'ghetti Eddie's! I've been trying to get to Mari Luna since it opened and this might be my chance.


              1. re: asiege2

                Mari Luna is a great choice. Best Mexican in Baltimore. You're right to be horrified by the reviews of Mt. Washington Tavern. It's pretty bad.

            2. re: asiege2

              I don't think Mt. Washington Tavern is too bad. You don't want to go to Pepe's for a work lunch. It's just basically pizza slices and subs. Do you like Japanese? There's Chiyo sushi. I would also agree with the suggestions below or Donna's at Cross Keys.

            3. maybe Donna's at Cross Keys would work - menu available on line. Decent food, right around the $10-12 price point for salads, sandwiches. And maybe Miss Shirleys on Cold Spring Lane. (But I prefer Donna's).