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What to do with lots of peeled garlic

My DH purchased a big container of peeled garlic from Costco. I've added the garlic with just about every meal and have run out of ideas. Do you have any great garlic recipes?


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  1. James Beard suggests pickleing garlic cloves in "the Armchair James Beard"

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      I don`t know how big your container is, but you can put your garlic in vegetable oil
      and keep it in the refrigerator until you get ready to use it. I have baught a pint jar
      of peeled garlic that way and it keeps for months.

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        No! Garlic in oil can cause botulism. Oil is NOT an appropriate medium for storing garlic, unless it has been commercially processed.

        If you infuse oil with garlic keep it in the fridge and use or throw away within 10-14 days.

    2. FYI, there is another thread on the same topic, also started this morning:


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        Can one roast peeled garlic successfully? I've not tried it.

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          Yep, just immerse it in oil and bake it. I use a ramekin.

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            You can also brown whole, peeled garlic cloves in about 1/4 inch olive oil on medium/low heat. You want the cloves to barely start bubbling. It should take 10-15 minutes, with a turn in the middle.
            You'll get a much more mild garlic flavor and garlic infused oil to boot!

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              Yes, I have tried it - in the other thread I suggest either simmering it on the stove (as suggested by QueenB), or doing it in the slow cooker. I once went to an event where one of the appetizers was what seemed like an entire container of the Costco garlic simmering a Crock-Pot, with fondue forks for guest to pick them out, and a basket of good bread on the side. And a bonus: if you want to keep the kitchen cool, and fragrance-free, plug the slow-cooker in outside! (But personally, I like the smell.)

          2. Garlic paste.
            Whirl the entire lot thru a food processor until you have garlic paste save some for weekly meals and freeze the rest in small batches. You can add the paste to butter, cream cheese, plain yogurt as well for flavoring other recipes.

            1. Have you done chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, by any chance? Tons of variations, but my personal favorites are from Ina Garten and Alton Brown...

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              1. 1) Freeze 'em. They cut nicely when frozen.
                2) Roast and make a big o' bunch of garlic butter, freeze in usable portions. I like to add EVOO and sometimes parsley to mine; you certianly use other herbs as well.
                3) #2 is a compound butter. Make and freeze your favorites!

                1. I use garlic in nearly everything I cook. What have you done with it so far?

                  I love vegetable stir-frys with tons of garlic cloves and ginger (great with tofu, chicken or shrimp added too).

                  I also do a Thai scallops in coconut milk with garlic and ginger, green curry, basil, lemongrass with cayenne pepper over Coconut Ginger rice.

                  Every pasta dish does well with garlic cloves sauteed in olive oil, in my opinion.

                  I like garlic in my eggs as well with lots of basil and cayenne pepper.

                  Let's see... whole garlic cloves sauteed and browned in olive oil would be excellent in a caprese salad with grape tomatoes and mozzerella balls.

                  Also, a mango, king crab and avocado salad with red onions would do well with browned garlic cloves with ginger, cayenne pepper, cilantro and fresh squeezed lime juice with black pepper and sea salt to taste. That is an excellent summer salad. You can do the same thing with tuna (minus the mango and avocado) and add shallots and fresh-squeezed lemon juice instead of lime.

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                    Hi Gottasay,

                    Could you please share your Thai scallops recipe? Thank you!

                  2. They're also good whole in stew. By the time the stew is done they are very mild and as a bonus they mush up like potatoes or carrots to thicken the gravy.

                    1. A gratin with; mushrooms; leeks; Belgian Endive, cut in half; pearl onions; an old boot....