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Aug 14, 2007 10:56 AM

Meguro Tavern Sunday Roast Dinner?

What do hounds think of the long-standing all-you-can-eat Roast Dinner at Meguro Tavern?

8 years ago, this was a "must-visit" on any trip to Tokyo from the Japanese countryside.

It still sounds like a great deal at only 1500 yen plus a drink, but has anyone been recently? Is it as good as I remember it?

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  1. I know of their Sunday carvery, which is like a brunch thing they do on Sundays. It is what it is- usually a lot of hungover expats- but a good value. Never heard of Sunday roast dinner. But there's so many good places to eat in Meguro, why bother with a pub? Rasoi, the Indian place next door is one of my favorite restaurants in Tokyo. For AYCE, I'd much rather do Carne Station in Ginza, which is a huge menu and lots of beer and booze thrown in.

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      Just re-read your post and realize that you're aware of the Sunday Carvery. Sorry if my post below sounds pedantic. If we don't make it for the Sunday event, I'll look into the Carne Station.

      Thanks for the tip.

    2. It's still there and it's still good, we stopped by for it a couple of months ago. Best to get there shortly after noon and then pig out as they only make+put out so much. Since the majority of decent drinks on the menu are at least 1000 yen, you should probably think of it as "2500-3000 yen including a decent beer/wine/cocktail". I agree with Silverjay that as far as that area is concerned you have a fair number of choices. Rasoi we definitely like but it runs a bit too spicy for me *not for my wife though). For Indian/Nepalese, Laxmi across from the station west exit is our fave.

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        Good to know it's worth stopping in for, if we make it to Tokyo in time on the Sunday in question. I'd always wondered about the Indian place there.

        For Silverjay: the Sunday Roast Dinner is a British tradition (I'm not a Brit). Except for in London, I've always experienced it as an AYCE buffet of lamb, ham, roast beef (or choice of one) with gravy, yorkshire puddings, some roast veggies, usually at a pub with a pint or two. Followed by a long, long food coma.

        A search on the web shows a few ex-pat places in Tokyo also offer Sunday roast dinners, but Meguro Tavern has sentimental appeal.

        Why go all the way to Tokyo and have a Sunday Roast Dinner? Who can explain these things?

        1. re: takajin

          The Meguro Tavern does have a nice feel to it and the staff and the proprietor Garth are always friendly to us. Good mix of both Japanese and gaijin customers. We actually live just a couple of minutes walk from there, I wish we had the time to stop in there more frequently.

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            Yes. I know the whole Kamiosaki area very well....I've always preferred Black Lion/ Little Euro to the Tavern. Prices were more reasonable, they served shochu, you could sit outside, and I just prefered the vibe there....Years ago though, we used to go to the Tavern in Yokohama (Nishi-guchi branch) for their Wednesday night 1000 YEN steak special. This was before they opened the Meguro operation. When it did open, eventually the guy who used to manage Meguro used to get on everyone's nerves and we stopped going.

      2. I have to be honest.
        I know the guy whos making that food.

        I wont go into further detail.

        1. NO they lost there chef and the food is noticably not as good. Also the price has been increased unfortunately your paying more for less.

          1. The Sunday Carvery is still going and the new meats/gravy are wonderful. All the owner asks is you have a drink for the AYCE deal. Not a hardship. I hear the previous chef made himself unemployable.

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              So, the new chef is much better, is what you're saying?