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Aug 14, 2007 10:31 AM

Going to Per Se tomorrow night...

Hi all - going to Per Se tomorrow night for the first time. Any comments, suggestions, etc? Thanks!

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  1. Lucky you, to have a reservation! We went about a month ago and it was fantastic. If I had any suggestion, it would be to take your time. The manager gave us a tour of the kitchen afterwards, which was really has a live feed from French Laundry in the kitchen. Somehow we got to talking about the differences in the restaurants menus, and he did mention that the # of courses were the same, but that in CA they take much longer for the meal. I believe it was 9 husband and I finished in 2 hours. They didn't rush us at all - the service was top notch. We just should have savored the experience longer!

    1. Enjoy. Savor every moment. When you leave, you are going to be so full you cannot believe it - but you will probably still be sad that it is over.

      We have enjoyed the wine pairings tremendously; they have been eye-opening and inspiring. (We trust the sommelier -and have been rewarded. In addition to some tremendously good wines, they have also included some wines with great "bang for the buck" value -and even paired a dish with beer and another with sake. Fun. Delicious. )

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        "Bang for your buck" at Per Se? Who knew! :)

        I'm really looking forward to my dinner. Just want to make sure I do it right!

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          " "Bang for your buck" at Per Se? Who knew! :) "

          Everything is relative ;-)

          Now, it has been a while since we dined at per se (time to go back), and my husband just told me that he had heard that they might not offer the wine pairing anymore. So if I miss-spoke earlier, I am sorry.
          If they do still offer the pairing, we recommend it. If they don't, trust the sommelier to recommend a wine, he really knows his stuff.

          Just like someone already mentioned, they are extremely flexible, and they are extremely friendly.

          My husband does not eat red meat or fowl, but did not want to just have the vegetarian menu, so he got, for example, another fish dish when I had meat.

          Per se is one of the few restaurants where we have experienced flawless service. The feeling is that they really just want to make & keep you happy.

      2. Just echoing what's already been said - it's an incredible experience. The food is amazing and the service is very gracious. I still have memories of the butter poached lobster with Per Se's version of "mac and cheese" which was orzo in a very creamy, rich sauce. Not sure if they offer it now as I went this past winter but if they do, it's wonderful. And be ready for multiple dessert courses which makes an already indulgent meal feel really decadent.

        Also in the event you find there are some things on the menu that you don't eat, are allergic too, etc. don't be shy to request a substitute and they will let you know what other options you can choose from. I don't eat veal which was one of the meat courses and they were very accommodating and I had a beef dish instead. They would have also done a pasta course instead.

        Have a fantastic time!