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Aug 14, 2007 10:26 AM

Help me with 2 recommendations- Denver

Need two recommendations - dinner for 14 jet-lagged salespeople the night of 9/5/07 near the Town Suites on Speer Blvd. Moderately priced, no special requests. Just something good that can accommodate a crowd. Also, any recommendations for breakfast nearby (doesn't have to be all 14 at once) would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. First recommendation: specify the city!

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      Hilarious! And I don't even have jet lag yet!

    2. You are going to be right around the corner for Racine's. I've never been, but maybe some of our other Denver posters can chime in. You are also going to be quite close to the Baker neighborhood. You could take them to El Noa Noa for some very tasty Mexican (ask to sit out on the patio). Or in the other direction, you could go to Benny's (another Mexican place). There is also Le Central for moderately-priced French food.

      For breakfast, do you have cars? If so, Sam's No. 3 is a 5 minute drive and has tasty diner food.

      1. I wouldn't recommend Racine's, unless you want bland, unmemorable food from a 12-page menu (ok, I may be exaggerating here a bit) that you can get anywhere.

        Are the folks you're traveling with at all adventurous? Benny's is one of the mainstream Mexican-American favorites here in Denver, and it's perfectly fine, but if your people would enjoy authentic Mexican food, El Taco de Mexico is a real taqueria on the corner of 7th and Santa Fe, not far from the Town Suites: Bring cash--no credit cards.

        Little India is a reliably good Indian restaurant just down 6th Ave. from your hotel.

        I don't know if by "jetlagged" you mean your people won't be awake enough to enjoy a great meal, but if they are alert enough, Mizuna (on 7th Ave., not far at all from your hotel) is one of my all-time favorite restaurants in Denver. If you're interested, though, you should book a reservation soon, as they tend to fill up fast. The same chef/owner operates Luca d'Italia around the corner, at 7th and Logan--also delicious. Both Mizuna and Luca d'Italia are more upscale than the other restaurants listed above.

        Sonoda's offers decent sushi at the corner of 6th and Broadway--I work in the office building across Speer from your hotel, and their sushi is one of those special day treats.

        I've heard that the breakfast burritos and whatnot at Scooter's Cafe just north of 7th and Lincoln are good, but haven't had them myself.

        Cuba Cuba is a few blocks north and west of your hotel--I've had good meals there in the past, but admittedly it's been a few years since my last visit. Here's what Citysearch has to say:

        Hope this helps.

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          While I love El Tacos de Mexico, I don't think it's the right choice for a group of 13 on a business meeting. With the counter service and the small booths, it would be hard to get a group meal together there. Also, I'm assuming that many and probably most of the attendees are not going to be the chowiest people in the world, so a taco stand that serves things like tongue will probably not be appealing to them.

        2. I would totally suggest Lucille's for breakfast. They have wonderful food and a nice atmosphere. In terms of dinner, I would say Little India, Dazzle or for super casual, Cherry Cricket in Cherry Creek. Good beer, good bar food and great for a crowd of people.

          1. Vesta Dipping Grill is fantastic for groups ( I've been there many times and never had a bad experience.

            I also second the recommendations of Lucille's and El Taco de Mexico for breakfast - both are long-time favorites.