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Aug 14, 2007 10:15 AM

Too Ripe?

I bought my first golden honeydew melon. It looked ok and smelled ok when i prepped it. But then when I took a bite of it, it sorta nail polish remover. I'm assuming it's too ripe, right?

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  1. I am going to suggest that it was not ripe enough. Also I have found sadly that some areas of the country cannot produce good Honedews. I was over joyed to have some honeydew melon in Texas a couple of years ago. It was perfect and just as I remember it as a kid in the south. We were travelling and had coolers. I was kicking myself for not buying a couple to take along to extend the pleasure. Here in Indiana we get wonderfu locally grown muskmelons but having ived in the NE and now here the honeydews are woefully lacking in flavor.

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      I live in the northeast, and agree- it can also be hard to find good peaches. My brother lives in Virginia, and have had good melons when down there- and on our family treks to the OBX in North Carolina, I always buy tons of peaches the night before we leave. We typically vacation there in early july, and the peaches are fabulous.
      We do have great blueberries here, though- and the Maine season has started, so I will be buying and baking!

    2. i would take a cue from the texture. if it was soft and tasted odd i'd suspect over ripe/fermenting... if it was hard maybe you're tasting chemical fertilizer? i often find non-organic carrots taste chemically to me.