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Aug 14, 2007 10:07 AM

Pacific Restaurant in Sterling, VA?

My Mother, who lives in Loudon County, has heard this is a good place to go.

Can anyone verifty that? Also, in looking at their menus on line, see that their offerings are quite extensive. Do they have any particular strenghts and/or weaknesses?



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  1. I haven't been there is a few years, but it was great! Don't do the weekend brunch though, the food wasn't good buffet style. If the weather is good, ask to eat outside, they've landscaped beautifully and you'd never know you were right of route 7!

    1. Its an okay place. Depends on what you are look for? Its kind of a Asian-mix place with updated version. The atmosphere is not as upbeat as decor suggested. Price is kind of high for so-so food. I've been there a twice, and it never impress me enough that I'd go back.