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Aug 14, 2007 10:04 AM

Dining at Corduroy Alone?

I know there is another post about solo dining but I didn't see Corduroy mentioned. Since they are extending Restaurant Week I was wondering, has anyone every been there alone? Do they have a bar where you could eat? Thanks.

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  1. they have a really lovely bar. I haven't been there alone, but if I had the $$ in my pocket I wouldn't hesitate to enjoy a solo dinner there.

    1. Why eat at the bar? Just because you are alone doesn't mena you can't be seated at a table. I sometimes eat alone and always sit at a table. It's much more comfortable and roomy. On the other hand, if you want to strike up a conversatin, I guess the bar would be the place.

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        I have been to Corduroy alone, seated at a table. I think I sat in the bar area by choice, as I was meeting someone later in the evening there for a drink (long story). It wasn't during RW, and there were empty tables that night, so I didn't feel I was taking up space that would have brought in more revenue. When my companion arrived, she had a glass of wine and a small plate of some sort.

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          Hooray! Thanks for saying that. I dine alone quite a bit and I don't see the fascination of sitting at the bar (though it's usually where I'm first offered a seat). I suppose some people might like the company, but I appreciate the quiet (as long as I'm not seated by the waitron stand).

        2. They do have a bar and some tables in the bar area. I agree with Dakota Guy about limiting yourself to that area. Since it is located in an hotel, they must have solo diners all the time. No matter what you choose the food will be yummy!

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            When I have been to Corderoy, I noticed quite a few tables on the back wall full of solitary diners, most reading books or newspapers. And to reiterate, hotel dining rooms (and those filling that function by location) are agreeable to virtually every type of diner--except, please, people chatting louding on their cells.

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              Thanks everyone for responding.