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Aug 14, 2007 09:51 AM

house-sitting in furlong, bucks co. any recommendations?

i'll be house sitting for a few nights and wanted to know if there is anything i should not miss while i'm there, whether it is a farm stand, a small deli, restaurant, anything. i am already going to the pineville tavern and the grange fair and can't wait! i'm from philly, so nothing urban or fine dining-ish. i would just like country type recommendations only (though i know bucks county is becoming less and less country...booo).

thank you all!!!

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  1. Country? Hmmm. You are correct...this isn't really the country anymore. Maybe someone has some suggestions in Upper Bucks. But in my neck of the woods, I would say head to Newtown which, IMO, is one of the prettiest towns in Bucks. La Stalla is a good family style Italian restaurant with a nice atmosphere in a converted barn. It even has a bocci ball court outside. There is a small BYOB restaurant that is a hole in the wall but quite good...Cafe Con Leche. The Temperence House and The Brick Hotel are beautiful buildings but I haven't eaten at either for awhile and both have changed hands in the last year or so. But it would be worth having a drink at either. And for breakfast, try Pat's Kitchen. It is about as far from city dining as you can get right down to the mismatched china. But the food is good, the service is friendly and it is charming and probably more the "country" atmosphere you are seeking. I also like the Newtown Farmers Market for lunch. You can take your pick of vendors and bring your food to the common tables to eat. One of the Amish vendors sells ribs and rotisserie chicken along with roasted carrots and other homestyle foods. And there is even a mexican food vendor with very good choices there as well as middle eastern, vegetarian, and japanese. For water ice, pass up Rita's and head to Yardley for the best water ice in the area....The Yardley Ice house has unique, hand made gourmet water ice. I have tried other local places and I have not found any as good.
    Furlong is pretty close to New Hope and Doylestown and there are plenty of recommendations for restaurants in both towns on the boards.

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      thank you! i know my idea of 'country' is warped, but i've spent my whole life, except for a few years travelling, in a row home. if each property has more than an acre of ground and isn't anywhere near the main line, it's country to me. and i like that, i do not mean it negatively. i've actually been to the brick hotel about 5 years ago and i will definitely go to the farmer's market! yum yum.

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        I live in Newtown and have tried some of the place mary0201 recommended.

        Pat's Kitchen has great pancakes, but if you go on the weekend I've heard the line can be quite long. It's a very small place.

        The farmer's market is only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I always forget and try to go on Sunday = disappointment. We only just moved to the area so I haven't tried all the stalls yet, but the Amish vendor with the pork sandwich is fantastic. I really want to try the Middle Eastern vendor - I keep drooling over the takeout menu. One of our favorite things from the market is pumpkin gems - little cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. When you walk in the door if you head to the right the first Amish stand on the right sells them.

        Cafe con Leche was fun, but again a small place that fills up quickly. Our first meal there was just so-so but we want to try it again and order something different.

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          I live in Furlong. I wouldn't rule out Blue Sage in Southhampton, which is maybe 15 minutes away but so worth the trip. All local Bucks Co. produce, I believe.