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Aug 14, 2007 09:49 AM

I am so bored

I have to do a lunch business meeting in NYC. Just two guys. I usually go to Prime but do not want to become a toshav kevah there. Solo is a bit to much. Uws places a bit far and the reviews here are not great. I am thinking Le carne but I am not a sushi guy. Abigail’s needs freshening and the guy I am meeting (not Jewish btw) had a bad Le Marias experience. Can we get a bit of fresh air here?

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  1. La Carne may serve sushi but it's just a small part of the menu. I was not that impressed with it, but it's better than most kosher places. For a lot less money, you can have almost as good a meal at Wolf & Lamb. How about Gusto va Mare on 53rd? It's milchig but nice and good. Haikara on 63rd is another option you might consider if meat is a must.

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      I found Wolf and Lamb to be inconsistent - sometimes right on other times almost inedible - how about Mendy's on 34th as another option -

      1. re: weinstein5

        La Carne is the answer. Their menu is quite extensive...the prominance of sushi there is no more than at PG. Mendy's is a deli, not for impressing clients, and Wolf and Lamb is a deli atmosphere with steakhouse prices. Also, I ate at Solo recently and my bill came out less than my typical PG bill -- certainly in the same ballpark as PG.

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          Isn't there some hidden Bukhari style place in diamond district called taam tov or something like that? Don't know if decor is appropriate for lunch, but place should be interesting and different and client (and you) shuold appreciate something different...
          Anyone here ever been to this place? Where is it exactly?

          1. re: abu applesauce

            Taam Tov is awesome, but it doesn't compare to Solo or even Wolf & Lamb in terms of atmosphere. It's on the north side of 47th street, just about halfway b/w 5th and 6th. Go there, ASAP, but not for an important business lunch.

            1. re: DeisCane

              If i was client and someone took me to hidden bukhari restaurant, he'd have my account!

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                FWIW, the newer location on the north side is definitely nicer than the one that was on the south side.

                1. re: DeisCane

                  I agree, but I do not think that Taam Tov is the type of place you take clients you need to impress. It is a place for well established people who like to try different things. I think La Carne is fine.