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Aug 14, 2007 09:34 AM

Sweets and other baked goods in Boston

By no means exhaustive, here are some places I find you can get worthy sweets. This topic has been covered many times on the board, so I would definitely look at old threads. For sweets other notables:

- Yi Soon Allston, excellent taiwanese bakery I have posted on ad nauseum
- Athan's some good stuff, "Jamaica" my favorite pastry
- Modern Pastry North End and Medford
- Maria's North End
- Quebrada Arlington
- I had a really amazing cake from Lyndell's in somerville not too long ago, though like many Boston places only some stuff is noteworthy
- The Brazilian Cafe Belo mini chain sells some truly amazing cakes. I have been trying to figure out who makes them forever
- Tabrizi Bakery in Watertown square has persian baked goods that they actuallys ship to NYC once a week. Limited selection, but very unique and tasty stuff
- Rosies, great cakes, their chocolate glob cookies are my absolute favorite
- Danish Pastry House Medford and Watertown, breads and some nice sweets

I am sure I am leaving a few out...

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  1. StriperGuy...thanks for the roundup! Where is Tabrizi? Sounds worth checking out on my next passthrough....

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      On Mt. Auburn Street just outside of Watertown Square, a couple of doors down from Demo's. I need to check them out as well - all these years I've seen them next to Demo's and I've never actually been in.

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      1. Thanks for the summation. I know all about checking the other threads for these topics. Those that I have looked into were from last year or later. It is nice to have up to date info for my trip. Cant wait to try a few of these, hope we have enough time to find them all!

        1. Other good one's:

          Brian's Cakes in Braintree
          This Takes The Cake in Quincy

          I hear this place called Sweet Tooth is great. It use to be the Oven Door Irish bakery among many other things, at the corner of E Street and Broadway

          1. I would add a couple in Cambridge:
            - Mariposa in Central Square (although I haven't tried much)
            - Hi Rise: breads are of course their strength, but I do love their chocolate loaf