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Sweets and other baked goods in Boston

By no means exhaustive, here are some places I find you can get worthy sweets. This topic has been covered many times on the board, so I would definitely look at old threads. For sweets other notables:

- Yi Soon Allston, excellent taiwanese bakery I have posted on ad nauseum
- Athan's some good stuff, "Jamaica" my favorite pastry
- Modern Pastry North End and Medford
- Maria's North End
- Quebrada Arlington
- I had a really amazing cake from Lyndell's in somerville not too long ago, though like many Boston places only some stuff is noteworthy
- The Brazilian Cafe Belo mini chain sells some truly amazing cakes. I have been trying to figure out who makes them forever
- Tabrizi Bakery in Watertown square has persian baked goods that they actuallys ship to NYC once a week. Limited selection, but very unique and tasty stuff
- Rosies, great cakes, their chocolate glob cookies are my absolute favorite
- Danish Pastry House Medford and Watertown, breads and some nice sweets

I am sure I am leaving a few out...

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  1. StriperGuy...thanks for the roundup! Where is Tabrizi? Sounds worth checking out on my next passthrough....

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      On Mt. Auburn Street just outside of Watertown Square, a couple of doors down from Demo's. I need to check them out as well - all these years I've seen them next to Demo's and I've never actually been in.

    2. Thanks for the summation. I know all about checking the other threads for these topics. Those that I have looked into were from last year or later. It is nice to have up to date info for my trip. Cant wait to try a few of these, hope we have enough time to find them all!

      1. Other good one's:

        Brian's Cakes in Braintree
        This Takes The Cake in Quincy

        I hear this place called Sweet Tooth is great. It use to be the Oven Door Irish bakery among many other things, at the corner of E Street and Broadway

        1. I would add a couple in Cambridge:
          - Mariposa in Central Square (although I haven't tried much)
          - Hi Rise: breads are of course their strength, but I do love their chocolate loaf

          1. Lakota Bakery Arlington Heights - amazing butter-based cookies, shortbreads, and the BEST Florentines...anywhere...ever. Products also sold at Formaggio Kitchen and a couple of other places, but the bakery seems the best (similar to going to Iggy's vs buying at Whole Foods, etc.)

            Lakota Bakery
            1373 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

            1. Bread and Chocolate, a new bakery off of Walnut Street in Newtonville, has some nice items including donut muffins and coconut cupcakes. I haven't loved everything, but it is worth a visit if you are in the area.
              I love Rosie's chocolate coconut macaroons.
              The Danish Pastry House has some interesting pastries including an unusual but delectable banana pie.

              1. Japonaise Bakery in Brookline is another great one I recently discovered.

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                  Totally agree. Their red bean cream puffs are one of my single favorite pastries in all of Boston.

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                    Yes, the adzuki bean cream filled donut is such a treat.