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Aug 14, 2007 09:29 AM

Latin/ Venezuelan/ Cuban Eats??

Hi there!

I recently ate at an out of town restaurant that served "Latin" food that I LOVED! I am hoping to find a local place that has similar cuisine (e.g., plantains, empanadas, adobo seasoning, etc.). I live in Columbia/Ellicott City just south of Baltimore and am hoping to find somewhere relatively nearby with a Latin/ Venezuelan/ Cuban flavor...


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  1. For cuban try Cuba de Ayer in Burtonsville at rtes 198 and 29. You can search the boards for specifcs.

    1. I like this place in Beltsville on Route 1 just north of Powder Mill Road called La Fuente. I've heard good things about Cuba de Ayer, but can't seem to get my husband to venture to Burtonsville from near BWI.

      I miss the Cuban food from my childhood in Florida.

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        I second Cuba de Ayer as I've always enjoyed it but far, far better is Cubano's in Silver Spring. But if husband won't go to Burtonsville, I guess he won't go to Silver Spring. Maybe if you are otherwise in the area....and even more distant - Cuban Corner in Rockville. The problem with this place, which has good food, is that you have to swallow a huge dose of their cusano politics along with your morros y christianos.

        1. re: Just Visiting

          Sorry to keep giving you places down here, but down here (DC burbs) is where I live and I figure you may be down here for some reason or another. I forgot to mention one of the very best - Samantha's in Langley Park. Mexican/Salvadoran. Fantastic food, good prices. Lousy location. They have a sister restaurant in Aspen Hill called Azucar. It is hard to say exactly why, but I think that Samantha's is better - but both are worthwhile.