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Aug 14, 2007 09:23 AM

RW: Tremont 647 recs?

I'm going to Tremont 647 tonight for dinner with 4 other people. Has anyone been there this RW? The menu is immense by RW standards (6 starters, 5 mains, 3 desserts) and I would love any direction people can give me. It all looks average-good and nothing is jumping out at me, especially among the mains.

I know this place doesn't have the highest recs on this board, especially during RW, but I figured I'd give it a try, mainly because the larger menu allows for a couple of pickier eaters in my group.

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  1. I went last night - had the crab gnocchi, lemon roasted chicken, and the raspberry eclair. I was not blown away by any of it. The gnocchi, while incorporating flavorful ingredients, was dull, and the pasta itself had a very strange texture. The chicken was delicious (I still have half my order at home for dinner tonight). The accompanying mashed sweet potatoes were fantastic - very smooth, with hints of chili peppers and cumin. The chili and cheese corn was very tasty, but way too hard to eat, as the ear was covered in sauce, which all transfered to my face as I ate. The raspberry eclair was pretty horrid, so stay away from that. I'd like to say better things about the peach cobbler, which I just sampled, but I don't like cold cobblers, so it wasn't my thing.

    The lobster mac and cheese and the ice cream sandwich looked really interesting on other tables... left me wishing i had ordered those instead.

    Pictures here:

    1. I was there last Thursday, and was pleased with the large variety of choices (although some items will cost a few bucks extra - clearly marked on their menu).

      I had the prime rib, which was very tasty and in a very manageable portion (maybe disappointing to some guys). The shoe string fries it came with were very nice, but they put the lime creme fraiche (or whatever it was) right on top. The topping was good, but I personally HATE soggy fries. I wish they put it on the side. It also came with a somewhat plain tomato salad and then some pickled onions. Both were unmemorable (the pickled onions a little odd). The steak was very juicy and tasty though.

      My friend had the lobster mac and cheese. She found it a little light on the lobster flavor, but really liked the dish overall. I had a bite and liked it as well - I didn't mind not having gobs of lobster, since I don't care much for it. Both entrees were more than filling.

      We both had the crab gnocchi appetizer - very good. No complaints other than the fact that we both loved the crab ravioli at Grotto, and we really wished it were the crab ravioli instead. The portions of the gnocchi were just right, in a tasty creamy, but not too heavy sauce. Gnocchi sometimes puts me right to sleep, but this was done with a fairly delicate touch.

      My friend ended her meal with the chocolate raspberry eclair, that was good but not great. I had the peach cobbler - tasty, but a little skimpy on the peach. Or rather, one giant chunk of peach was clustered in one corner. Would rather they have cut the peaches into more pieces and evenly distributed it under the crumbled crust.

      We scoped around to see what everyone else was having and things generally looked pretty good. In my opinion, not a fantastic meal, but still pretty darn good. I don't drink, and was offered a berry iced tea drink that I was nice and refreshing. Recommended to me by our very high energy waitress, who was attentive and pleasant.

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        Thank you both for the recommendations. As mentioned, I was there last night with 4 other people. Overall, a solid B.

        I started with the crab gnocchi - must say, I didn't get it. Decent-not-great gnocchi, crab meat, corn, tomatoes. It was definitely dull, and had no sauce. Perhaps a corn broth or light cream sauce would have brought the dish together. The lobster chowder looked and tasted great - the definite winner. Bruschetta with goat cheese was very good but nothing remarkable or memorable.

        For my main I had the lobster mac-and-cheese. HUGE portion - easily 2-3x what I expected. If they had kept the same amount of cheese and lobster but cut the pasta in half, it would have been a knock-out. As it was, great but mild tasting, very cheesy in the middle but drier on the edges. DC enjoyed the prime rib (I thought it bland, but I'm not a fan of prime rib) - big portion, but very undercooked initially which they happily remedied. The fries with blue cheese mornay were great! DCs commented favorably on the salmon and roasted chicken, but I didn't try any.

        Dessert - yeah, should have listened to you guys. Everyone else ordered the peach cobbler, so I tried the raspberry eclair to be different. Ick. The cobbler was great though - caramel and cream and peaches and crust. Yum.

        Service was mostly good with tiny issues. Bread plates were dropped then cleared; bread showed up after the entrees were dropped. I had to ask for a refill of water. Overall though, the waiter was very pleasant, helpful, and present but not obtrusive. Andy was by the kitchen thanking people on the way out - always a nice touch (especially during RW).

        Our table was approx 6 inches from the adjoining one - not sure if they're always that packed or if they threw in a couple more tables to max out RW. The noise level was terrible, but we were in the very back of the room. Sitting on the patio would be much preferable.

        Overall, a nice meal, if unremarkable. I would definitely be back for drinks and apps at the bar, or a dinner on the patio (using the $5 coupon they gave each of us).