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Aug 14, 2007 09:21 AM

Any opinions on Lambertville "Thai-Lao"

The ongoing roadwork on Rte 29 out of Lambertville forced us to take N. Union St., where we noticed a small sign for a "Thai-Lao" restaurant, whose name escapes me. Any Chowhounds have any experience with this joint? How does it compare to Siam, a Thai standby not far away?

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  1. The restaurant is called Thai Tida ( Here is a post from March about the place. I haven't been yet, but am planning to go with friends next month and will report back.

    1. And here's a link to some recent discussions about Siam. Thai Tida is mentioned but that's about it.

      BTW, I went to Siam thinking it would be a less than memorable experience. I was pleasantly surprised.

      1. Dinner at Thai Tida was really quite decent. BYOB, all credit cards accepted.
        Room is homey, brightly painted, some Thai-style art and photos.
        Friendly welcome, servers.
        Tod mun pla (sorry about spelling) was better than at most Thai joints: not at all rubbery.
        Whole shrimp battered and deep fried with dipping sauce flavorful.
        Vegetarian green curry was a bit over-spicy for our tastes, but if you are a fan of spicy foods, the green curries will appeal to you.
        Pad thai with shrimp achieved the balance of spicy and sweet. Noodles not at all sticky.
        At least six large shrimp.
        We passed on desserts. Check was $43 with tip.
        Would go back again.

        1. Living in Lambertville, Thai Tida is really convenient for me - they have just started delivery service, too - and I've eaten there 3-4 times in the last two months. I am no expert on Thai or Lao cuisine, but I really like this place. The service is good, and I love their vegetable pad thai - very fresh, with big crunchy veggies. I've also tried several of their soups, which are good and spicy. Last time we tried both the fried mini spring rolls and the steamed ones - I preferred the fried, came with a really tasty dipping sauce. I've tried a couple of the meat dishes as well, and the only one I didn't like was a weird pineapple-chicken-pepper thing - it was almost half pineapple and much too sweet.

          My boyfriend and I trekked to find this place after walking into Siam and finding that 1) there was a wait and 2) it smelled like a bad fish market. IMO, no reason to go to a place like that when Thai Tida is perfectly good.

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            I had dinner last week at Thai Tida, and was very impressed. (see an earlier post on the horrible food and experience at Siam for comparison). Service was swift, it was obvious the food was very fresh, decent portion sizes, and good flavor. I did hear from one person that their soup was bland and watery, but did not have a soup myself. The summer spring rolls (the non-fried-kind) were excellent and I ordered a grilled beef salad (which one of my dinner companions somehow thought was the calamari he had ordered, so he devoured half of it, but it was a nice blend of spice, herbs (cilantro) and charred beef.
            I had the mussels for a main course, I love New Zealand "green shell" mussels (the really big ones that have nice pink meat) and they give you a huge bowl of them steamed open in a sweet-ish broth, with a side bowl of yellow curry. Excellent dish, and the duck special someone ordered was also a winner, as was a whole fish on the bone.
            Sadly we didn't get to try dessert, but perhaps next time, since I will definitely be going back (and they supposedly deliver across the river to New Hope.... *crosses fingers*) understanding they can deliver "if they have someone who can leave the restaurant".

            1. re: Sethboy

              Seth - I'm glad to hear you had a good experience. I was a little wary after some so-so reviews from my husband's former coworkers but it sounds like they've improved since they first opened. My friends and I are really looking forward to our meal there next month.

              1. re: SarahEats

                I am also glad to hear others have had similar (positive) experiences.
                I want to echo Seth's comment on prompt service: our appetizers appeared less than five minutes after we ordered and our main courses five minutes after our appetizer plates were cleared. For some, this may be a negative.
                Another positive is BYO: really allows you to spend a little more on a good bottle of wine. I suggest a Riesling, such as Chateau St. Michelle's (Washington State) effort with Dr. Loosen. A Sauvignon Blanc also does well with Thai. And, of course, nothing beats a cold brew with Thai food. Why not support local microbrewery River Horse and bring a few of their seasonal ales?

                I also wonder what happened to seems as if only recently it served thoughtfully prepared, authentic Thai food.