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Aug 14, 2007 09:06 AM

Sunday night in Toronto?

Visiting Toronto and looking for dinner next Sunday night but everywhere seems closed. Any suggestions? Somewhere in the same vein as Monsoon, Perigee or Rain.

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  1. A quick look on opentable shows tables at Globe Bistro and Cava are available.

      1. Splendido, Batifole, Coca, Kaisekai Sakura, Citizen, Rosebud, Jamie Kennedy WB

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          ...though it may or may not matter to you, I know the menu at JKWB on Sunday nights is a limited selection...everything I've eaten there ruled anyway, so unless you are going for something specific I doubt it'd be an issue...anyone know if this is a typical thing for resto's to do on quieter nights like Sunday?...maybe stocks are low after the weekend and ordering is the next day or tues...??