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Aug 14, 2007 09:03 AM

Gyros in Raleigh

Is there anywhere in Raleigh that has good gyros? I'm suddenly having a major craving, and have absolutely no idea where to go. I work just off NC State campus, and am trying to think if there's any hole-in-the-wall places along Hillsborough that might have gyros, greek chicken sandwiches, falafel, that sort of thing. I know Neomonde really well, so I know they don't have them. And if not Raleigh, maybe Cary? Thanks for your help!

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  1. I haven't tried them, but La Shish at 908 NE Maynard has them on their menu. La Shish is under new ownership and they are doing a great job with the place. It's better than it was before.

    Head down Hillsboro towards Cary, take a right on Maynard, then a left at the first light into the shopping center.

    1. Recently tried Solomons on Capital Blvd. (free standing bldg. on east side of rd.). Gyro was pretty good. Pretty sure they had falafel on the menu too. I keep looking for souvlaki, but haven't found any yet.

      1. Have you tried Nur Deli? I haven't been in AGES, but it's been around forever. It used to be on Hillsborough, but looks like it's now in the Mission Valley area.

        If you do go, please let me know how it is...........

        Nur Grocery & Deli
        2233 Avent Ferry Rd Ste 108, Raleigh, NC 27606

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          We had gyros at Nur about 6 mo. ago, they were OK but not great. If I was close by & in the mood I might try them again, but I wouldn't travel any distance. Perhaps we caught them on an off day.

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            Baba Ghanouj has a decent gyro, as well as kebabs, shwarma, etc. They're all over - Durham, Apex, Cary, etc.

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              Saladelia in Durham has souvlaki on the menu. They have good food for the most part.

        2. Thanks for all the recommendations! I'm planning on heading to La Shish next week anyway, so will give them a whirl and report back. I haven't been since the new ownership took over, and since Neomonde is walking distance from my office, I generally just head there. Also, thanks for the info on Nur. I'm also pretty close to Mission Valley, but keep forgetting what all is over there. I'll have to check it out. Of course, I'll have to not go on auto-pilot, because then I'll end up at Dalat!

          1. Okay, I've now tried gyros at Nur, La Shish, and for a lark, at Greek Fiesta in Cary Crossroads because I needed to stop nearby for some other things, and thought I could give it a whirl. In ascending order, I'd rate them Nur, Greek Fiesta, then La Shish. The meat at Nur was dry, and the pita rather stale, tomatoes tasteless, and I was wishing for more tzatziki to try to make it more palatable. Really disappointing. Greek Fiesta was pretty average. The meat was moist, they used red onion, which was nice, but the tzatziki lacked zing, and the pita was somewhat doughy. La Shish really has a good gyro. Nicely spiced, moist meat, fresh, crunchy lettuce, tomatoes with flavor, and a pita with some chewiness without being too doughy. The only complaint is that they were a bit heavy-handed with the tzatziki, but I'm sure they'd Blewgo is right, and La Shish is now on my list of regular stops!

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              Venus Med Grille is another choice -across 15-501 from New Hope Commons.

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                La Shish has a good deal on their lunch menu. The "Design Your Own Platter" lets you select from 2 to 5 items from lists of premium and side items. The prices range from $5.99 for two items to $10.29 for five items. A kafta kabob and a Lebanese salad are usually enough for me.

                I've been happy with most things I've had there. The new owner seems to understand that some people like piles of food while others prefer smaller plates. They also make most everything fresh daily which gives a freshness to the products.