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Aug 14, 2007 08:55 AM

Secret Aardvark Portland

Can anyone tell me about Secret Aardvark? I am visiting Portland for the first time in September and I'm researching what to do and where to eat. I keep running into references to the Habanero Sauce by Secret Aardvark in Portland but their website gives an e-mail address but not much more information. Do they have a store in Portland or they an internet company only?

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  1. New Seasons carries the sauce. It's also on the table at various restaurants around town. They don't have a store. Used to sell at the Farmer's Market but haven't seen them this year. The sauce is great!

    1. You can find Secret Aardvark Sauce at Market of Choice, New Seasons, Food Front, and Salvador Molly's just to name a few places. If you want less heat but great flavor try the Drunken Garlic Black Bean Sauce too! We are glad you like our sauce and hope you have a great trip to Portland. If for some strange reason you can't find our sauce email me at

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        Thanks for the "where to purchase" information. I'm looking forward to visiting Portland.