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Aug 14, 2007 08:48 AM

Anyone been to the Inn of the 7th Ray lately?

A post about the mountains got me wondering what the food was like now. So - how are things with the food? Thanks!

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  1. Funny you should ask. Was married at the Inn of the Seventh Ray exactly 30 years ago come Aug 21st. They had just opened and the food was MADE with LOVE, especially the cake! Now I live nearby and have tried it about half a dozen times...for Thanksgiving a dozen years ago, and more recently for convenience a few times, but the food is really uneven and quite pretentious. YES, food can be pretentious! The atmosphere IS very romantic. The service lacks professionalism and the food is almost bizzare. The only thing I have enjoyed in recent days has been their Portobello mushrooms with Apricot Sauce, which I immediately went home and made better than the Inn.
    Sorry to report on a restaurant with such GREAT romantic and event potential, but I cannot recommend it.

    1. A friend of mine and his wife went 2-3 weeks ago, said they have a new 25-year old chef, maybe named Jake, Jacques, or similar, and that this guy put out a spread unlike anything they had ever had, and they are frequent diners at the Ray. They just loved it.
      I have not been though.

      1. I took my girlfriend to I7R for her birthday a few months ago (it was the first time there for both of us). We both loved the food and atmosphere; service was a little slow at times but it was weekday lunch and I think they only had one waitress on duty.

        I7R's commitment to organic, locally-grown food is amazing. The waitress can tell you exactly where pretty much any ingredient comes from. They even have organic beers on the menu. I had a seitan burger that was delicious, a great portobello appetizer, and a spectacular cheesecake. Highly recommended. It was around $75 for lunch for two, which isn't bad since we both had alcohol, appetizers, and desserts

        1. Thanks, folks. I'll probably get there in the next couple of weeks and report on how we do there. A new, motivated chef combined with the setting could be very good.

          1. So we did have a very nice dinner at the Inn of the 7th Ray. And I do think the food has improved since I was there last maybe a couple of years ago. I wouldn't say it's hitting on all cylinders, but I was definitely satisfied.

            Had a nice goat cheese stuffed portobello appetizer, which was mostly well done though the balsamic they used had a little bit more bite than I'd have chosen myself. My wife's arugula and beet salad was a good choice on its own. For my main, I chose a kalamata crusted chicken dish. The chicken was good quality, and well cooked, but the cous cous it was on was a tad dry for the dish as a whole. A sauce (yogurt?) or even some salsa verde would've improved things an awful lot. They may have changed this dish by now - I couldn't have been the only parched victim. My wife had a faux duck dish that was a bit odd, but that was mostly due to the faux duck, I gather. Dessert was good, with their lavender/honey ice cream a good accompaniment.

            But all was good enough, they have a nice wine list now, and the setting can't be beat.