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Aug 14, 2007 08:34 AM

A good lunch for me and my book

I'm looking for a cute place where I can get a delicious meal and relax with my book for a little while. Any type of food - just not too spicy! - and really any location south of 30th street - I'm willing to walk around. Also good take-out, close to a park where I can sit and relax, would be great.

Thanks for the tips!

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  1. What about 71 irving place? Good sandwiches and pannini and very good baked goods and you can stay all afternoon.

    1. Once, after a particularly stressful and disappointing job interview, I stepped into Otto. It was on the late side (2 PM-ish), and I just wanted a glass of wine and a place to brood. The place was empty, I sat at the bar and had a quiet, lovely lunch (fennel/orange salad and the cheese plate) with my book and a chat with the bartender. I am not fond of the pizza there, and I'm definitely not a fan of the scene at night, but at a slow time during the day it's quite pleasant, and near enough to the park for you to wander after.

      1. I'll probably get burned for this but on a sunny day Shake Shack satisfies all your criteria. You can get a lot of reading done in that line!

        1. Lamazou is a little shop that has delicious sandwiches and lots of other tasty prepared foods, as well as a huge selection of excellent cheeses, all for take-out. Just a few short blocks from Madison Square Park, on 3rd Av., near 27th St.