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Aug 14, 2007 08:28 AM

Trip to LA - Need Chow itinerary

Hi! My husband and I are going to visit LA for 5 days around Labor Day weekend. We're staying with our friend who lives in Hermosa Beach. We're going to go to Santa Monica while we're there and probably Hollywood for a night, but we'll mostly stay around Hermosa Beach. I was wondering if I could get some recommendations. My husband and I are in our early 30's, live in Philadelphia (the city, not the suburbs), are adventurous eaters but don't have a lot of money, like dive bars and enjoy microbrews. Please help! Thanks!

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  1. Hi... For haute burgers/pubgrub and brews, check out Father's Office in Santa Monica. For a japanese take on the same motif, try Musha in Santa Monica, but swap in asian small plates/tapas and sake (in place of burgers and brews)...

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      Musha is a great idea, but they may want to take advantage of the fact that they have another one in Torrance -- close to Hermosa Beach.

      Another good choice in Redondo Beach would be Belacan Grill for Malay food. Not dirt cheap, but worth the price. Roti canai is a Malay curry dish that stands out in my mind along with their beef rendang made with a thick curry paste coating the beef.

      Finally, save room for the ice kachang for dessert. It consists of a mountain of shaved ice looking like Mt. Fuji with red syrup pouring down the sides in a Volcanic display with sweet adzuki beans, salty peanuts and chewy cubes of jelly garnish clinging to the sides of the mountain. Quite spectacular.

      1725 W Carson St, Torrance, CA 90501

      Belacan Grill
      2701 190th St Ste 100, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

    2. Rahel for Ethiopian
      Sabor A Mexico for mexican
      Musha for japanese pub food
      Chez Mimi for yummy french
      Angeli Caffe for afforable, nice, Italian
      The Origianl Farmer's market for a whole bucnh of different choices.
      Quality Seafood in Redondo beach
      3 square cafe in Venice
      Hot Dog on a Stick in Santa Monica
      Literati II in Santa Monica

      Best Beer Places in LA (maybe not in your staying area)
      Lucky Devil's in Hollywood
      3rd Stop in West LA
      Red Lion in Silverlake (?)
      Village Idiot in West Hollywood
      Library Alehouse in Santa Monica
      Some people say Father's Office in out for lines and attitude!
      McG's in Chatsworth
      Lucky Baldwin's in Pasadena
      Crown City in Pasadena
      Naja's Place in Redondo Beach (best beer place in SoCal!)

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        Any good fish taco places close to Hermosa?

      2. Since you will be staying in Hermosa Beach be sure to check out Cafe Boogaloo. It's a one stop shop for amazing food, a great bar and live music on most nights.