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Aug 14, 2007 08:07 AM

Visiting SF this Weekend

Looking for some good places to go and eat. What I am feeling nowadays is sort of clean, summery food: veggies, salads, seafood. Also would love to find a good sushi joint for a nice omakase. Will probably be eating by myself most of the time. Would like this to be a relatively economical adventure. I'm certainly not afraid to go off the beaten track.


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  1. nopa.
    ino sushi.

    ino i usually frequent alone,
    nopa has a good bar.

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    1. re: Lynda Vuong

      Went to Nopa last night. Aside from the slew of high pitched voices that kept gravitating towards my eardrum, I had a pretty good time. My starter of cucumbers, pickled beets, arugula, feta, and oregano croutons was amazing - perfectly fresh and balanced flavors. Not the same could be said about my pork chop. I am not used to pork that could be labeled as "well marbled." My inner jack sprat found mad issue with the fat content - call me old fashioned but I like my pork chops extra lean and juicy. If I go again, I will stick with the veggies and cheese as they were amazingly fresh and well selected. Any my server/bartender was extra cute - that never hurts ( I think my check said his name was "Matt", fyi)

    2. IMO the best sushi in SF is at Sebo.

      517 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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      1. re: Husky

        Thanks a lot for the recs - Nopa and Sebo sound really good...

        1. re: djquinnc

          So far, my dining has been really low key: good smoked lamb at rosamunde sausage, mediocre salads (but great mac and cheese - and bizarre smoky iced tea) at Delessio Market & Bakery, and back to Saigon Sandwiches for a meatball bahn mi - the first one that I stumbled upon accidently years ago. I think I will fall through sebo tonight.