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Aug 14, 2007 08:04 AM

Good lunch spot in Monterey

We are on vacation in San Francisco and are thinking about driving to Monteray for the day. Does anyone know of any upscale lunch spots that are good, preferably with a view?


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  1. Hope you decided to go and found some good choices by searching this board. Let us know what you did. Weather has been crystal clear at the coast. Fall is coming!

    1. Unfortunately, upscale with a view are harder to come by than you would hope in Monterey. I would suggest you go to Pebble Beach for lunch. Stillwater Bar & Grill, Sticks, The Tap Room, The Beach Club, and Roys are all great places to eat with views. You can't really beat 17 mile drive either.

      If your not interested in going to Pebble Beach then your best bets would be Blue Moon, Chart House, or the Culinary Institute (if they are open for lunch on the day your coming) These restaurants don't have the upscale atmosphere you might be looking for but their food is good and views fabulous.

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        Thanks so much for the suggestions!

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          I thought the Beach Club was private. Has that changed?

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            I'm not sure. I've always been with a group of business partners, so I don't know if one is a member or not.

        2. I like the Lodge at Pebble Beach suggestion--it's not far from Monterey and it's plenty upscale. The Beach Club is still a private club for members and Lodge guests, only. The Tap Room at the Lodge has a nice pub feel, but doesn't have any ocean views. Stillwater has great greens and ocean/bay views and the food's pretty good there. The Roy's at Spanish Bay is probably the most beautifully located of any of the Roy's chain and the food's good there, too. Present your 17 Mile Drive ticket to any of these restaurants when you eat there and they will refund the price of the ticket.

          1. Drive down the coast just alittle bit to the Highlands Inn, about 3.5 miles south of Carmel, and have lunch at California Market. Great view, they even provide binoculars on your table, excellent lunch, I'm especially fond of the Fish Tacos, Burgers, and Chocolate Daquoise, and an outstanding wine list.

            1. If you're going this weekend, get reservations! Monterey Peninsula may be slammed in general because of the Concours d'Elegance, associated sideshows and races.