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Prime Rib or Capital Grille? (Baltimore)

We are planning an overnight to Baltimore at the end of August, and want to go out for a great steakhouse experience. Can't decide between The Prime Rib or Capital Grille. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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      1. re: elegantelliot

        Third!! Try the key lime pie for dessert!!!

        1. re: Elyssa

          Not only is it no contest, Capitol Grille is not even second--Oregonn Grille is.

    1. Fourth! Get the crabcake as an appetizer.


      1. Fifthed. Prime Rib is so incredibly old school and delicious.

        1. Another vote for PR.It's a much more unique experience than the Capital Grille with a good fairly priced wine list.

          1. The Prime Rib is definitely on my list of "high end" places that I want to check out. I went there about 13 years ago and it was outstanding. Some say it is the best restaurant in Baltimore. I've heard good things about the Capital Grille too, but it doesn't get the high praise that the Prime Rib gets.

            1. Even though Prime Rib wins hands down, I'll point out that Prime Rib is also much more traditional. The decor is ornate and old-fashioned, gentlemen should be wearing jackets. Capital Grille is a little more modern and relaxed; both have great food. Prime Rib is definitely an experience though, if you know what to expect, and I've rarely had better service.

              1. Sixthed. And bring your own jacket. The loaners at the restaurant haven't been laundered since the McKinley administration.

                1. Thanks to everyone for your responses. I've made reservations for Prime Rib. Now the decision is whether to get the strip or the prime rib, both of which sound wonderful.

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                    Get the prime rib. It's spectacular and of course their signature dish. If I remember correctly their creamed spinach was super tasty as well. (Actually they had wonderful sides all around anyway.) Enjoy!!!!

                    1. re: albinoni

                      Your first trip...don't forget the Greenbrier(sic) potato skins

                      1. re: Hue

                        i think its greenberg potato skins

                        1. re: elegantelliot

                          I stand (or sit) corrected
                          As Gen Patton said "tanks"

                          1. re: Hue

                            no matter how you spell it, it wa a solid suggestion!