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Aug 14, 2007 07:32 AM

Specific recommendations for Brown Sugar

Hi All!

I am trying Brown Sugar for the first time today- having it delivered which is great bc I am so over The King & I- their food has always been just ok but recently their pad Thai has been awful AND overcooked, quite gross really...

I would like to try a few things but the menu is huge!

I like very very spicy food, I don’t eat seafood, chicken is ok, love tofu.

2I would really like to try the pad Thai as one of the dishes that I will order, however cannot decide between their “COUNTRY PAD THAI” and the regular. Any insight would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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  1. The basil fried rice entree--a stir-fried ground chicken dish with rice, basil leaves, carrots, mushrooms, peppers, and cucumbers--is pretty amazing at Brown Sugar. The chili sauce in it is very hot, but it probably won't cause smoke to come out of your ears.

    1. Their pad thai is fabulous. The country style is fairly spicy, though it's a kind of indistinct heat that doesn't really change the flavor much. Personally, I would try the regular kind first just to get a good feel for it before trying some of the many varieties they offer (I like to annoy them by ordering vegetarian basil pad thai kai-hor, which is wrapped in an omelette).

      My absolute favorite dish there is not spicy, and very simple, but it's delicious. It's called "guay-teow lord" and it is a wide rice noodle filled with delightfully seasoned and fresh-tasting vegetable and mushrooms. I really recommend trying it if you're a vegetable fan. It's so satisfying.

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        Sounds like I might be annoying to them too- that omlett dish sounds awsome!! Thank you : )

      2. If you like spicy - I really liked a dish called "Old Lady Spicy" - there is something about the eggplant in the dish... It is something you can get with your choice of meat so you could get chicken or tofu.

        1. My favorite is the Gaprow chicken - it's a pretty hot dish, basically a chicken with thai basil and the chicken is ground chicken. You can ask for it extra spicy and it's really pretty hot and yummy. Slightly spicier than this dish is the version with angel hair...I can't remember what it is called but it's listed on the specials page. It is hotter because the pasta soaks up the sauce so you don't get any reprieve from the chili. This is the first dish that I ate there and it was love at first sweat (sigh).

          Not spicy, but also delicious is the pad see ew which is wide noodles and chicken pieces in a somewhat sweet sauce. Also good is the cashew chicken. I don't love their curries.