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Aug 14, 2007 07:14 AM

Meal before baby induction near NYU- TONIGHT!

Hi all-

I will be induced tomorrow morning as my first born is reluctant to join us. I have to go to the NYU Hospital (Ist Ave and 30th) at 8 p.m. and I want to have dinner close by, as once I go in I won't be able to eat ANYTHING again until I give birth. So I am looking for a place that can offer a good meal, that is both substantial (I will need the energy), but not heavy ( I cannot have an upset stomach tomorrow). So Indian is out, and I would rather not do a burger or steak. Any suggestions in the neighborhood; I am always at a loss around there. Obviously, I would like a place with a nice vibe- I'll be nervous enough as it is and don't need any frat boys screaming on my ear or snooty waiters giving me attitude.


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  1. Ali Baba on 34th between 2nd & 3rd would be a good choice. Good food and not too heavy.

    Good luck tomorrow...your life is about to change like you have no idea, but it is SO worth it!

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    1. re: valerie

      Ditto ditto ditto on Ali Baba!!!!!!

      1. Ali Baba is a good suggestion. But you might also want to consider Trio, on 33rd, b/t 3rd & Lex. Nicely-prepared Mediterranean cuisine. Good service. Pleasant, relaxing atmospherics. I think they have live piano music during the week.

        Hope all goes well with your delivery. :-)

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          Trio is excellent. My wife and I actually went to Trattoria Alba on 34th between 2 & 3 for our meal before she was induced at NYU. The meal must have been good luck because she only pushed for 7 min and then our daughter was born.
          Good Luck!!!

          1. re: princeofpork

            We haven't been to Trattoria Alba in a very long time. But when we've eaten there, the food was pretty good. And of all the restaurants mentioned, it is the closest to NYU -- just in case andandeve's baby decides he or she prefers not to be induced.


            1. re: RGR

              Well, I think that now I must go to Trattoria Alba, notr only because of the close walk, but to see if we get as lucky as princeofpork!!

              Thanks for the recs!