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Aug 14, 2007 07:04 AM

Lloyd's carrot cake, Riverdale

Has anyone tried Lloyd's carrot cake, I was thinking about bringing one to a bbq this weekend.

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  1. It's been more than ten years since I've had a piece but it was top-notch then.

    1. i work in riverdale and have the opportunity to get it with some frequency. it is nearly always good, though i'd be lying if i did not mention that on extremely rare occasions it can be a touch dry. for the most part, though, it is excellent--moist, not too sweet, with very sweet and tasty cream cheese frosting. available both with and without nuts and raisins...

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      1. re: esteban

        it's delicious, and i'm not much of a carrot cake/ cream cheese frosting fan!

      2. Thank you for responding to my post. I did pick up a Lloyd's carrot cake,and it was a hit,as a matter of fact a couple of guests plan to order cakes for upcomming functions. Several people stated it was the best carrot cake they ever had. By the way the slices they sell seem to be different than the whole cakes, not as good. Go with a whole cake!

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        1. re: chowdom

          Yep yep I love the frosting! This place and S&S cheesecakes are fave dessert spots!

          1. re: fsval

            Apparently S&S closes the bakery for the summer!

            1. re: chowdom

              They do? Sometimes I pick up the delis next door before 12am. I do prefer the fresh ones in the morning though :)

              1. re: fsval

                When I called the message stated the bakery was closed,have a nice summer. Does the deli have the cakes now, if so how are they getting them?

                1. re: chowdom

                  You're right. I called them, and they were closed. They said they are closed until the 27th (thats today). And to stay on the line and leave a message if you're a wholesaler. So I guess that's how the delis get em.. :)

                  I went three weeks ago to the deli right next to subway station, and got a small one. They had a sign that says we sell S&S cheesecake. And they only had two more left, and some chocolate mousse.

                  BTW, has anyone tried the Red Velvet in Lloyds? I'm curious if they taste any good.

                  1. re: fsval

                    It's been ages since i've had Lloyds' Carrot Cake! they are delicious if you order them whole, WITH nuts and raisin.

                    Didn't know they make Red Velvet cake though. Maybe they have changed somehow. I vaguely remember that they made sweet potato pies that were pretty good. Is that still going?

                    1. re: fsval

                      Just saw your post fsval, sorry for the delay. We tried a red velvet and didn't care for it, I'd stick with the carrot cake.