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Water view/good food in Philadelphia

Looking for a nice view of water in Philadelphia area (would consider anywhere from Bucks County, PA and Frenchtown, NJ to Chester, PA) for an early September birthday. Super food a plus but view and ambiance more important.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. The Waterworks (behind the art museum) has ambiance and water views, but not all the tables have a good view. I don't know if you can specifically reserve a table with a water view, but it's worth calling them to find out. The food was very good last time I was there but I think they have a new chef now, I haven't been since then.

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      Yes, Waterworks is a tough request for a table on the veranda.
      But maybe if you try now...
      Food is mediocre to okay. Nothing special.

    2. Yes, I'd heard that Waterworks' food is only fair and only a few tables command a water view. Probably won't risk that.
      Let me broaden the request...someplace romantic, attractive and relaxing. Where they won't rush us. BYOB a plus.
      Thanks for your input.

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        I'll second La Veranda. Terrific food, nice view, and relaxing. Not BYOB though.

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          My vote would also be for LaVeranda. The food is really good.


      2. The restaurants on the Philly waterfront would be a nice idea. Moshulu is nice, but never really blown me over for one reason or another. I've also had two great meals at the Chart House, which has a gorgeous dining room with a panoramic view. I'm sure I'll get flamed for recommending a chain, but I think it'd be just what you're looking for. I've never been to La Verandah, but hear it's quite nice.

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          i am not flaming you for recommending a chain, but i will flame you for recommending chart house. :) that place is a disappoinment and a half. from overcooked vegetables to overcooked seafood, crap service and a mediocre setting. i've been there 2 or 3 times (philly branch) and will never go back again, even for a cocktail. maybe you got lucky and i got super unlucky. :)

          as for water-based recommendations, i can only think of places in south jersey. pretty lame for a philly born and bred person, eh?

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            Don't forget Chart House prices!

            It's been a few years since I was there and I, too, shall never return

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              I'd like to hear your suggestions for outdoor dining/water views in NJ. Recently went to the Lobster Trap in Cooper River park. Expensive for what it is, and really not that good at all. Thanks

          2. The Pond Restaurant in Radnor is on a small pond with swans that make their home there. It's patio dining but is a very nice spot. Not exactly the river view you might be looking for but something to check out.

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              You just took the words right out of my mouth.
              There are few places in the Philly area that have as beautiful a setting as Pond. And the food is quite good. However it is not a BYOB.
              I also notice that you mentioned good food as the PLUS and not the requisite.
              So I wonder if you would want to spend Pond money, which is definitely more exclusive.
              Across the hall is Pond's sister Cassis which is a bit more casual but shares the same menu and setting.

            2. I know that the Inn at Phillips Mill in New Hope has outdoor seating. Don't know if there is a water view. Very nice though (and byob).

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                Onlyh if money is no object, Rats at the Grounds for Sculpture has outstanding views that include water. But ask when you make a reservation. This is pretty far from Philly though--outside Trenton, N. J., and the water is artificially brought to the site-=-ie, not a natural waterfront.

              2. i've actually been missing home lately (MD crabs on the bay!) and looking for a similar place in phila.

                somewhere around here there was a thread that i can't find now, but it was a place i really wanted to try! i think it was a more casual place on the waterfront in ?ridley park? does anyone remember this thread? it's a new restaurant, and a bunch of people were loving it.

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                  I spent about an hour looking up the same thread on here once! It's called Carson's Dockside Grill and I never actually made it there. Here's a link to the website.



                2. What about the Four Seasons? There's a view of the fountain on the parkway, the food is great, and they definitely won't rush you.

                  1. We visited Philadelphia at tourists earlier this month, and had an iffy experience at the Chart House (rubbery clams, undercooked mahi-mahi) but a much better one at Moshulu, at least from the point of view of the food. Dessert in particular was spectacular (I had a jasmine rice pudding with a sour cherry sauce). I will say that it was noisy, so probably not want you want for a romantic meal, unless there are quieter locations (we were next to a particularly raucous large party). Good luck!

                    1. Haven't been here in years, but ... The Black Bass Hotel in Lumberville PA. VERY romantic, beautiful views of the river from the dining room (and the food was VERY good the last time we were here but like i said, that was a long time ago..) http://www.blackbasshotel.com

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                        Love the Black Bass and have been there in the past. It is currently "temporarily closed." Doing private functions only.

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                          I know - isn't that a bummer? I found out about that a couple of weeks ago after I went to the website because the restaurant came up on another thread - and this time I read the website more closely. :) I hope "temporarily" doesn't become permanent.

                      2. I ate at Bistro St Lopez recently which had a nice indoor water view and good ambiance. The food was though not spectacular- they are having a 3 course meal special for $20 which cannot be beaten. Service was pleasnat but very inattentive. After all that - am I recommending the place? I guess so!