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Aug 14, 2007 06:27 AM

what to do with lots of garlic?

we have a lot of fresh garlic from our csa...what can we do with it to keep it? is getting ripe...can it be saved?...dried?...cooked and saved?...if so, how?...thanks

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  1. You could roast and freeze it for future use.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Exactly my reply. You just beat me to it. :-)

      1. re: LindaWhit

        Tom Collichio (sp?) has a recipe for roasted tomatoes and garlic that you can then freeze - keeps for months and is a nice handy treat to have around.

        1. re: LindaWhit

          I would say that too -- and once you roast it, good luck keeping your hands off it! It is excellent on fresh bread, toast, as a sandwich spread...

          Here's another terrific idea -- Roasted Garlic Soup with Parmesan. This is one of my all-time favorite soups (and I try between 20 and 30 new recipes each year). Here's the link, and I am not kidding when I say the recipe calls for FIFTY cloves of garlic. I would actually double (or triple!) the recipe because it is really superb. You will want more - and more - and more. Bake some crusty bread and serve with a simple summer salad, maybe heirloom tomatoes to offset the creaminess of the soup. YUM.

          1. re: foxy fairy

            And you beat me to that soup. One of the best things I've ever made!

            1. re: foxy fairy

              Excellent idea! I often have the garlic soup at a Spanish restaurant I frequent in the Boston area. Wonderful warm-up in the winter months.

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                Oh, MY that is amazing soup! I had gobs of fresh garlic from my CSA and did a google search, found this thread and shortly thereafter my family was enjoying that soup! Thanks for posting it!!

                1. re: foxy fairy

                  I tried this last night. It's very good, a keeper!

                  1. re: foxy fairy

                    question about this soup--I have a bag of peeled garlic cloves that I really need to use up (which is how I found this thread). can I roast those? if so, how?

                    1. re: IndyGirl

                      Since the peel with help to insulate from burning I would roast them with olive oil like the recipe says but watch carefully to make sure they don't get too brown. I think you could also do a confit and cook them low and slow submerged in olive oil.

                      1. re: IndyGirl

                        Give them a splash of olive oil and wrap them in foil.

                  2. re: MMRuth

                    yep, I do something very similar. I throw all of the peeled garlic cloves into a food processor and process until its pretty fine. After that, I throw the mixture into a freezer safe freezer bag and press the mixture down flat, so it looks like a flat sheet of paper. After the mixture is frozen, I take out the "sheet" of chopped garlic and cut into 1/2 '' x 1/2 '' cubes. I throw the cubes back into the freezer bag and take out cubes when I need it. its great for korean cooking, cause I can add a cube or two to soups, stews, or marinades

                    1. Another way to "roast" is to peel and then simmer slowly in olive oil (crock pot works for this) until it's light brown and spreadable, then serve with crusty bread. Nice fringe benefit is some tasty garlic olive oil! If you can't finish it all, freeze flat in baggies.

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                      1. re: 2m8ohed

                        This sounds like a great idea! I refuse to turn on my oven in the summer but I have had a hankering for raosted garlic lately. And I can put my crockpot to good use.

                        1. re: HungryRubia

                          This is one thing a toaster oven would be good for, if I still had one. You can roast quite a bit of garlic without really having to heat up the kitchen.

                          1. re: revsharkie

                            Agreed. I regularly roast 3 heads of garlic at a time in my toaster/convection oven.

                          2. re: HungryRubia

                            For those of you not wanting to turn on the oven: I've also roasted whole heads of garlic wrapped in foil on the grill, while grilling other things. And once it's oven-usage weather again, a good use for all those roasted cloves is to fold it into bread dough before baking. I've mixed it into the "No Knead Bread" recipe (lots of discussion on CH) with great success.

                            1. re: 2m8ohed

                              I might try this on the campfire next time I'm camping. I actually usually roast garlic at home and bring it along for picnics, camping, etc. -- b/c it makes everything taste -- well, better!

                              1. re: 2m8ohed

                                That is a great idea regarding the grill 2M - the grill gets used more often than that oven in the summer. How long do you keep it on the grill for?

                            1. re: yogurtsoda

                              Pickled garlic RULES in martinis :)

                            2. two more ideas:

                              Garlic smashed potatoes.

                              Homemade Roasted Garlic Bread.

                              Plus, I recall two garlic-themed locales that might be of interest: the town of Gilroy, CA (home of a somewhat outlandish garlic festival), and that restaurant in San Francisco The Stinking Rose. Here are a couple of recipes from the S.R. site: garlic rose relish (mmmm) and 40 Clove Garlic Chicken.


                              Here's one for 101 Garlic Chicken -- haven't tried it, but it calls for 101 cloves!

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                                1. re: LaLa

                                  All this roasted garlic sounds great, gonna have to try it. About once a month I grind a whole bunch of garlic in my food chopper with a pinch of salt and about 1 tbs of oil and I keep it in a jar in my fridge to use as needed. I do the same with ginger. The salt and oil prevent it from turning green, but actually turning green is perfectly harmless, I've read...just in case you don't want to add oil.

                                  1. re: luckyfatima

                                    I store my grated ginger in dry sherry in a glass jar. That way, when the ginger is done, I can also use the sherry in a stir-fry.

                                    1. re: luckyfatima

                                      Garlic in oil = botulism risk. Don't keep for more than 10-14 days.

                                2. as many of jfood's favorite posters have recommended, roasted garlic is to die for. In the winter jfood is always throwing one into the oven when he roasts a chicken. In the fridge they last under a week with all the uses.

                                  For another idea, James Beard has a great chicken with forty cloves of garlic. When jfood first read this he said "you kdding me?" But the he said OK let's try it. It was outstanding. In fact, jfood needs one more dish to make and freeze for next week and has some garlic in the drawer. Definitely going this root (pun intended).

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                                  1. re: jfood

                                    Darn it Jfood beat me to it again!

                                    Garlic garlic Chicken with garlic aka 40 clove garlic chicken.

                                    Props Jfood!