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Aug 14, 2007 06:25 AM

Raw bar tonight - Cambridge??

Staying in Cambridge tonight (Hyatt).

Looking for someplace with a bit of local atmosphere where I can get a relatively light dinner... raw bar, better-than-average salad - oh, and a decent cocktail.

Willing to walk a bit to get there, but don't want to do big trek (thus ruling out B&G or Neptune). Thought about crossing the river to Great Bay or ESK, but with the game tonight that seemed perhaps not-smart? Would rather not do Legal (just want something different). What about East Coast Grill... any other Cambridge options/suggestions?

Thanks -

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  1. East Coast Grill on Cambridge Street in Inman Square. Fabulous raw bar and very good bar tending. Salads are also great but I would check out the veg of the day as it's usually something inventive and yummy!

    1. The weather is going to be very nice tonight.
      I'd head to the outdoor Legal Seafood's in Harvard Square.
      You can sit at the outside bar and people watch. It is a great spot.

      1. Central Kitchen usually has a nice selection of oysters. Good bar food, wine, cocktails to round out the evening. Not too long of a walk.

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          Strongly second CK -- it fits your request PERFECTLY (though ECG is also top notch to me) -- try the moules frites (wow), back bar cure special, and creme brulee if you want treats beyond the (somewhat limited) raw bar there! The bartender wine recommendations are always spot on as well.

          The website is good, but sometimes erratic:

        2. ECG is the obvious choice, but I saw a note online about a raw bar at Dolphin Seafood (between Central and Harvard). Anyone been there for the raw bar?

          1. I'd actually throw in a strong rec for the Monday Club Bar at Upstairs on the Square.

            Whenever I go, I make it a point to order the raw oyster appetizer, which tends to be innovative without overpowering the innate flavors of the oysters themselves; I see the current offering is Wellfleets with slivers of Asian pear and yuzu ice.

            In addition, both the salads and the cocktails are among my favorites around town.