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Aug 14, 2007 05:56 AM

Dishwasher madness

I was part of the "Maytag Recall Mess". After weeks of delays, denials, etc. I received a brand new top-of-the-line from them and guess what. IMO, it is a far far inferior piece of equipment as compared to the one they replaced. Doesn't get the dishes clean; doesn't even dry the cutlery. I plan to replace it. What's the best one out there. I'm looking for a machine that is energy efficient; has a short cycle that washes AND dries; and has a sleek look. What do you Hounds recommend?

Handwashing dishes in Kerrville, Tx.


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  1. When we bought our house, it had a Maytag, and I agree it was junk. Lived with it for 10 years, until last year, when we did a kitchen remodel.

    We went with a Miele, which I love. They are expensive, but great German engineering and craftsmanship. In terms of your wish list, it is energy efficient, dries (more on this below), and sleek looking. It isn't fast on the normal cycle though...about 2 hours, but you can select a quick wash that runs about 15-20 minutes, and seems to get the dishes just as clean.

    Other notes:
    It's quiet. Very. You can stand next to it, and talk on the phone, and from 10 feet away, you can't hear it at all. In fact, they put a little light on it so you can tell it is running

    3 racks: Unlike most DW's, it has a thrid rack up high, that holds cultery individually in a flat position. You can probably hold service for 30 up there, and all the pieces are separated, so they get very clean.

    Sleekness: not an issue for us, as we go a concealed model, that has a cabinet panel mounted on the fronton it, so you don't even see it. Controls are on the upper edge of the door, hidden. They do make non-concealed models too, in stainless, etc. So sleek shouldn't be an issue.

    Drying: At least in the range we bought, they offered 2 models, about $300 apart in price. The lower end uses unassisted air circulation (plus heat) to dry. The higher end has a additional fan system to circulate air, so it dries faster and better.

    It was pricey, though...I think about $2700 if I remember correctly.

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      The Miele is incredible- we're renting a place with one right now and it's stellar!

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        jfood has a Miele as well and has recommended it oftenon these boards. Like Chef above, his is concealed behind a front panel with the controls hiddent until you open.

        It is extremely quiet, sometimes do not even know it's on and does a great job. The cycles are a little long and you can lessen with the quick wash or legthen by asking the machine to raise the temp of the water (at least in jfood's model).

        Jfood recos without reservations.

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          Chiming in with another rave for Miele...the third rack is genius although when I first got it, I kept forgetting to unload it & was wondering what happened to all my flatware! If you can afford it, it's definitely the one to get.

          PS Miele service is also incredible (not that you'll probably ever need it) but when my 20-year old Miele dw went down, they were here within the hour!!!

          1. re: fauchon

            We have a rather new (not quite a year old) Miele that we like a lot. As fauchon has pointed out, the top flatware drawer is a very clever feature; it leaves the two large, main drawers for everything else.

            I also like that the drawers are very adjustable and will hold almost any odd-shaped, large piece.

            1. re: liu

              I keep forgetting to mention the long "vase holder" the extends from the bottom rack. I don't know what Miele calls it but I use it for vases, bottles, tall containers etc....ingenious and indispensable!

        2. We just finished a new house and I purchased all the appliances for it. For the dishwasher I went with the Frigidaire PLD4555RFC Professional Series Built in Dishwasher - Stainless Steel. There are only two of us so we don't do a lot of loads a week therefore didn't feel like spending big bucks (over $1500) for a dishwasher. So far it's performed great, is very quiet, has all the controls on the top of the door and is all we need or want. And, the good news, if you shop around you can get if for under $700.

          1. Fisher & Paykel Double Dishdrawer. Has an Eco cycle. Quiet. Fast. The key thing for me is that the drawers run independently. And I've put it to the test, with lots of caked-on stuff on the plates, and even baby bottles. Everything gets clean, everything gets dry. Most excellent.

            1. All the replies sound good, but I guess it depends on how much you want to spend. We replaced a KitchenAid that we had for twenty seven years (it worked fine, except it would have cost us as much to replace the racks as to replace the whole dishwasher), with a Kenmore. It looks great, washes everything perfect, and has more cycles then I will ever use. The price was right too, as they are always on sale.

              1. when we remodeled our kitchen we bought a bosch. its super quiet, does the job and does not have too many gimmicks just a couple of cycle options but we almost always only use the regular. the controls are in the door but i set it to beep since its so quiet and tells you when the dishes are done. the water consumption is also pretty low for a dishwasher. love it.

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                  Second the Bosch. It's not particularly fast but it is REALLY quiet and does a good job washing; also energy star rated and stainless interior. We got the cheapest one 4-5 years ago and have had no problems.

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                    We got a Bosch last year, it's got a "quick wash" cycle for quick turnarounds. Very quiet, very water efficient (we can take a shower while it's running -- our house was plumbed in 1910 -- can't shower when someone is hand washing dishes).

                    My only complaint is that the lid above where you put the dishwasher detergent makes a fingernails on chalkboard squeek EVERYTIME you close it.