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What can I make with cooked shrimp...

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other than shrimp salad? and I guess I could always just throw them on a pasta dish at the end, I just don't want to ruin them by heating again.

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  1. I make a cold rice salad with shrimp, bell pepper, cucumber, chopped peeled and seeded tomato, capers, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, fresh basil and oregano. It's a great summer meal. You of course can add (or take away!) anything you like.

    1. My favorite recipe for left over cooked shrimp

      1 bottled cold wine (Sancerre or Vouvre or?)
      1 wine glass, 1 plate, no fork needed.
      Favorite cocktail sauce recipe or store bought variety.
      Lemon wedge(s)
      Nice place to sit and indulge


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        yes, sounds great, I was just thinking more of a dinner this time. Not to mention I have to nurse/feed a baby, & feed a toddler, so wine & nice place to sit & indulge doesn't happen to often these days!

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          I often eat shrimp w/ cocktail sauce as part of a dinner (usually a thrown-together, I-feel-like-eating-shrimp-cocktail-with-cereal kind of meal late at night after work!!!)

        2. Add them to potato salad for a yummy summer supper.

          1. How about shrimp tacos? Corn tortillas, some salsa fresca, maybe another cool salsa if you have time to make one (or buy of course), crema. I really like shrimp tacos with a creamy blended tomatillo salsa, AND some fresh tomato salsa. Lots of cilantro sprinkled atop. I made this for a party and my guests were running - no kidding, running - back to grab more! If the shrimp are big, chop them a bit. Some marinated red onion would be a nice touch too for tang.

            1. I make salads:
              1. Rice salad; Add them to cooked red rice, red and yellow diced peppers, minced shallots, chick peas, lima beans and a vinaigrette (chopped It parsley, o oil, red wine vinegar).
              2. If you have arugula or mesculin salad: Spread lettuce of choice on a platter, lay shrimp over top, add toasted walnuts, sliced pears and some honey pear dressing OR
              Spread lettuce on a platter, lay shrimp, add diced cukes, diced tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, crumbled gorgonzola and a gorgonzola or blue cheese dressing. (I make this one when I have cajun BBQ shrimp or any spicy shrimp since the heat of spice and cool of dressing work well).
              3. Add to orzo for a pasta salad - add other ingredients: kalamata olives, feta, tomatoes, cukes, red onions, etc

              1. Thai or Vietnamese summer rolls

                1. In addition to Vietnamese summer rolls as C. Hamster mentions, another dish I make if I have too much cocktail shrimp from a party is the classic Chicago dish - Shrimp de Jonghe. There are a lot of recipes; I've made both of these variations, and they were both good:



                  1. Omlette. We do these at the beach the day after the big boil.

                    1. thanks everyone for the great suggestions- now I have to get some more shrimp to try more ideas! I went with the taco idea from foxy fairy (thanks) & they were great! I made cilantro rice- wow that stuff is sooo good, and black beans to go with them. They were perfect with a mango peach salsa and lime marinated red onions.

                      1. I slice them lengthwise for quesadillas. The melting cheese warms them just enough.

                        1. My favorite way to eat cooked shrimp is with homemade remoulade sauce..Of course it is just an excuse to eat the sauce, which I could be happy with just on a cracker sans shrimp!

                          1. toss 'em with some greens, citrus segments, jicama and sesame-yoghurt dressing.

                            1. Here's one of my favs:
                              Feta Shrimp Pita Triangles

                              Preheat oven to 300.

                              5 pita breads
                              2 TB EVOO

                              Brush pita breads with olive oil. Put on cookie sheet and cut each pita bread into 6 triangles. Toast in 300 oven for 10 to15 minutes.

                              8 oz. feta cheese, crumbled
                              8 oz. cooked shrimp, chopped
                              ½ C Hellman’s mayo
                              2 garlic cloves, chopped
                              ½ t chili powder (I put a little more in!)
                              ½ t cumin

                              Combine above and spread evenly on toasted pitas. Sprinkle w/ sesame seeds. Put under broiler for 2 to 3 minutes. Watch carefully!