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Aug 14, 2007 01:38 AM

The Alcove's Red Velvet cake: Thumbs Down

I heard that The Alcove had amazing desserts, so I went to try their cakes. They were not good. I tried the lemon, peach, and red velvet, and it's basically a cake with no flavor covered in a Crisco sugar frosting. They were very disappointing and a total waist of calories.

With that said I highly recommend Toast on 3rd st. for cake. The red velvet is amazing and is sold for $48 for the whole cake and around $5 for a slice, as apposed to The Alcove at $75 for the whole and about $6.50 a slice.

If you like red velvet, head to Toast and forget The Alcove.

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  1. Everything at Alcove is thumbs down. I live very close and really wanted to like it, but after several tries, it isn't very good. I've concluded that if you call some thing "Gourmet" and put it in a fussy setting, people will flock to it, which seems to be the case there. The food is average at best. Deserts have always disapointed and prices are high. Seating is horribly uncomfortable and service is average to poor. I just dont get it.