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Aug 13, 2007 11:48 PM

Odd but tasty leftovers

Background: Watching Hell's Kitchen over the last few weeks prompted me to try to make risotto (probably easier without being yelled at constantly). I looked up the basic recipe for it online, checked out different variations of it, etc. First time I made it it was very basic. Arborio rice, onion, chicken stock, parm (the "green can kind" which I regret, and butter. I undercooked it a little, didn't use good ingredients and it was not the greatest.

Second time I decided to add some veggies and more seasoning to it and it was a little better. Yesterday I made it with sauteed chicken breast and mushrooms, fresh grated parm (bought about a 10 ounce piece of reggiano wheel for $6), minced garlic, and white onion. I did use canned chicken stock though, but It was great this third time with an excellent consistency!

However, I had much of it left over (I used 12 oz arborio rice, 1 lb chicken, about 12-15 whole mushrooms, that I chopped up a little, from the produce section at my local Walmart. More than a couple meals for a single guy! No girlfriend means I get all the food! I had some whole wheat burrito/sandwich wraps in the fridge, some sour cream, and mexican cheese....automatic chicken mushroom risotto burritos!! A little hot sauce/pico/salsa would have been great, but didn't have any on hand. I know a lot of people would hate to waste a good risotto and make it "Mexican" lol, but it was really good! I love spontaneous cooking and experimenting I guess.

Anybody else make anything weird on a whim and have it come out good?

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  1. try using it up in a casserole. they freeze great and are perfect to take to work for lunch. you could also try frying it up with some scrambled egg......sort of an italian fried rice. i think the best idea would be to form it into patties dip it into egg and then italian bread crumbs and then fry.

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      With a nice piece of fresh mozzarella inside.

      1. re: rayrayray

        pan fried huh? a little olive oil or vegatable oil? That sounds pretty good.

        1. re: food_eater79

          You could do all olive oil, or a mix of oil and butter. Also, you could dip them in beaten egg and dredge in breadcrumbs for a nice crust.

          1. re: bear

            i prefer the oil butter mixture. but whatever you have on hand should work, even canola.