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Fat Straw in Nashville :(

Today I tried Fat Straw bubble tea for the first time. They just opened this month and I have been waiting, driving by on occasion to see when they would open. And I am sad to say it was barely what I would call drinkable.

Are there any other bubble tea shops in the Nashville area? I have been to a few places that it might have been on the menu but so far Fat Straw is the only place I have found.

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  1. No, but if you find any please let us know. Please!

    1. The bubble tea at Parco Cafe (downtown) is very good. Also, there is a small Asian market near the K&S Grocery on Charlotte in the strip mall that runs perpendicular to Miss Saigon that sells bubble tea. I've never tried it, though.

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        Do you mean that the market sells bubble tea, or sells the fixings?

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          the place is called kien giang. i've had the bubble tea there and i thought it was a lot better. great consistency and flavor. bit cheaper too

        2. I was hoping to make a trip to Fat Straw this weekend or next, so I'm sorry to hear the news. My bubble tea experience is so limited, but I like the chai soy bubble tea on the weekend dimsum buffet at Golden Coast.

          1. i have to agree with the original poster. i was VERY disappointed with Fat Straw...and i was sooooooo pumped to find out bubble tea was coming to nashville (i'm from the west coast). :( sorry bubblet4me, but i think this is the only bubble tea place around here. maybe we should get together and open our own!!! :)

            1. Went to Fat Straw last week and had the mango black tea. It was pretty good, and I enjoyed it, except that something in it had a faintly artificial taste, and I wish there were a smaller size. I'd be interested in what other people order there.

              1. Let me clarify, the bubble tea shops I have been going to have all fresh fruit juices, multiple boba sizes and various jellies to add to the drink. They also freshly brew the tea or coffee and do not use powdered "milk". There are usually two sizes of drink and they can, in many flavors, be served hot or cold.
                Also on the menu were snow bubble or a shake like drink with boba.
                Lastly, food was also offered, mostly little fried snacks of chicken, fish or rice cakes.

                My favorite place was one where very little English was spoken and the music overhead was directly from oversees. I had to order by pointing to the menu (one side Chinese, the other English). I have several friend from Asia who enlightened me to the wonders of bubble tea.

                1. Good luck getting served here!!!! I have visited this store 4 times and still have not been able to get the bubble tea! The hours of operation previously posted change constantly. Still, even during hours of operation, you can't count on the tapioca being ready. Finally, they only accept cash. Apparently Nashville is still waiting on Bubble Tea. I wish someone would give them a little compitition. I give them 6 months. Turning away customers is not a great start!!!

                  1. Being from the Pac NW, I'm totally excited about getting bubble tea again!! I've talked to some people at my work about it, and they're like, what is that??? It seems to me that only West Coast peeps in "cashville" actually know about it, which is very sad. I haven't been there yet, but am going to tonight to see for myself what they're doing right (or wrong).

                    Wish me luck!!!

                    1. Ok, I admit Fat Straw is working the kinks out. I have now returned a few times and the drink quality is vastly improved from my first visit. I really liked the Red Bean black tea drink with boba.