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Aug 13, 2007 08:46 PM

Has anyone been to Tofu Festival?

I guess it is going to be one this weekend and wanted to hear food choice/reviews if you did-- thanks in advance,

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  1. Hard to say or give any kind of review because every year they come up with some new way to make tofu into something it isn't.

    Link to Tofu Festival website

    1. I've gone for the past 4-5 years - very tasty choices but beware - they run out of things early.....

      1. Uh Yeah they make New strange ways to use tofu...... Thank god you can find the traditional dishes. Oh and the Free samples are nice. Get ready for the heat, I remember eating probally a dozen shave ice.... LOL

        1. Here's a link to my post of about a week ago. It helps to use the "search" function first.

          1. get the okinawa dango's @the GEO booth; loud, beligerent(sp?) guys, hard to miss, but oh so good

            deep fried sugar + flour, with powdered sugar on top; how can you lose?