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Aug 13, 2007 08:28 PM

ISO...turkey LA County

Maybe the mods will move this, maybe not.

I'm single and I don't have a big fridge so cooking a whole turkey at home is not my preference. After all of the Mexican regional food talk I have a hankering for Turkey.
However, I haven't found any place so far that sells reasonably priced, bone-in parts other than defrosted Legs. OK for county fair food, not for shredding into taco filling. I haven't considered Vons since they've concentrated on selling pretty, boneless, skinless, expensive cuts to Joe Yuppie and Suzy Soccer Mom.

Where do the other turkey parts go? Soon to be a new episode, narrated by Leonard Nimoy.

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  1. Maybe I dont understand the post. I buy turkey parts-simple cut up turkey, bone in, skin on, all the time at the local markets like Von's, Albertsons, etc. It's very reasonable. Also, you can buy a fresh turkey from so many places and they will cut it up and freezer wrap it for you. See this old post and look for a link I provided in a reply I gave.

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    1. I found turkey tails at Ranch King. Corner of Los Robles and Orange Grove in Pasadena.
      Or maybe thats King Ranch....

      1. Sorry to all posters, I should have titled the location 'LA - South Bay'.
        Francesca and blipontheradar, sorry, don't have a Gelsons or Ranch/King (I think) anywhere close.
        Turkey tails, egad, I was thinking a little more meat :-).
        Simihound, I'm not sure I believe you about 'pre cut up' turkey - as I said above, I never see it in my downscale hood in the South Bay or in my mom's super upscale one up north.
        I have to admit I often don't have the patience to wait for a busy supermarket butcher (if available) to cut up a special order.
        Thanks much for the link, it does give me a couple of local leads.

        Actually, my original question was not answered completely. The legs go to discount markets. The breasts, maybe Swanson turkey pot pies or Jenny Craig TV dinners. Other ideas, anyone?

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        1. re: DiveFan

          Ralph's carries the Louis Rich line of turkey parts in their meat section and pre-cooked breasts in their ready-to-eat hot food dept. At least they do in my 2 locals.

          Of course, it wouldn't be unreasonable to just buy a whole turkey, section it yourself (what can it take, 5-10 minutes, max?), wrap it in foil and zip-locs, then freeze until you need whatever name-your-part. Would definitely be more cost-effective than buying simple parts. That's why I always take that "free-with-your-$100-dollar-purchase" turkey at Thanksgiving every year. For them parts. Gewd luck.

        2. Check out Food 4 Less on Artesia between Normandie & Vermont- North side. They usually have turkey thighs which are great for the kind of shredded end product you described.

          1. If you have a Jon's Market near you they carry legs, thighs, breasts, wings, and occasionally feet. I believe Vallarta also carries Turkey parts.